On October 31, 2013, after the IET Asset Management Conference at Rutgers, twenty-one of the attendees went to dinner to discuss the formation of an asset management community of practice in the US.  There was unanimous endorsement of the recommendation to establish a Chapter.

We have done a good deal of work on the Mission / Vision / Values of the Chapter and organizational structures. Moving forward, given the size and diversity of the asset management industry in this country, the executive group is seeking assistance to build the organizational capabilties and capacity to properly serve the US market.

To expand our impact, a US Patron Group is being formed. The Patrons of the IAM are a special group of Corporate Members who have committed to a high level of activity and engagement with the Institute, and on that basis, have been invited to become a Patron. The Patrons include leading asset managers, who, in exchange for significant support to the Institute, have great influence not only on the development of the IAM itself but also on the development on the discipline.


USA Chapter Chair

Michael Salvato