USA Branches

IAM USA Branches provide a great opportunity for those working in or interested in the field of asset management to collaborate; to share  ideas and best practices, to further the advancement of the industry and to develop a strong local network of like-minded professionals. If you are interested in finding out more about a Branch or are interested in volunteer opportunities, events or activities within your area, please get in touch with the contacts listed below.


Branch Contact
Bay Area John McCormick (
Boston-Cambridge-Newton Satyen Patel (
Scott Morris (
Chicago  Tina Ignat (
Houston Anthony Limon (
Minnesota  Craig Edlund (
New York  Leonard Caputo (
Nancy Johnson (
San Diego  Martin Coghill (
Seattle (Pacific North West)  Tammy Whipple (
St. Louis  Steve Bisch (
Wisconsin  Gregory Hottinger (