The IAM Annual Conference 2018 programme focused on a key theme for each day: Growth, Innovation & Transformation, and Resilience, and comprised five topic streams designed to engage all members of the asset management community. Sessions were in the form of plenary presentations, keynote speakers, workshops and interactive panel sessions. The programme facilitated ample formal and informal networking opportunities including the exhibition area which offers the latest innovations in asset management. Find out more about sponsors and exhibitors >

The programme schedule is detailed below, and the conference programme and guide is also available to download. Delegates receive a printed copy of the guide on arrival.

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Keynote Speakers 

Brian McBride

Chairman of ASOS and Wiggle, Brian was CEO of Amazon UK, leading the company through its period of extreme growth. He oversaw the acquisition of LoveFilm and the launch of Amazon Prime, and was instrumental in launching T-Mobile’s direct web and telesales customer-facing business. He now looks at how ecommerce businesses have grown and the vital role of social media in engaging with customers.

Will Whitehorn

As Richard Branson’s right hand man, Will took space tourism venture, Virgin Galactic, from a vague dream to a project with real spacecraft and its own spaceport. Now involved in communication to tech to cutting-edge transport systems, including as long-term non-exec with online estate agents Purplebricks, Will also considers brand, disruption and innovation in a world of fast-changing technology and increasing customer expectations.

Day 1 - Growth

Monday 25 June 2018



Registration, refreshments and networking


Welcome address from the IAM President, Chris Newsome OBE


Partners "Meet & Greet" - an opportunity for partners of attendees to meet and visit the city together


IAM Certificate revision session hosted by NxtGen - Tom Elner


Plenary 1: Asset management growth within JLREddie Bryan, Jaguar Land Rover

This session begins with a company introduction, followed by the way JLR's world is changing and how we are driving to be best in class. An aspect of this is the engagement of asset management which complements our current good practices. The session will conclude with how JLR wants to further engage with the IAM and members.


Plenary 2: Is technology reliable?Miranda Sharp, Ordnance Survey

Technology is gradually becoming more and more reliable. But can growing businesses afford to rely on what future technology promises given the pace of its change and advancement.


Lunch, exhibition and networking


IAM Qualifications exam session
13:30-15:30 IAM Certificate
13:30-16:30 IAM Diploma


Stream Session 1

Introduction to asset managementJohn Green, Chair of NxtGen, and Kim Scott, KPMG

Back by popular demand, this interactive workshop will introduce delegates to the principles of asset management by applying the IAM’s Asset Management - an Anatomy to a real life asset managem ent disaster - with a growth twist.

Asset management: a new working mentality to ISA CTEEP - Renato Bosolan, ISA CTEEP

ISA CTEEP has been implementing an Asset Management System, based on PAS55 and ISO55001 standards - one of the few programmes like this in Brazil. The journey is combining a tremendous cultural transformation in the organisation, with hard evidence of tangible benefits. This session describes the journey so far, the lessons learnt and the challenges ahead.

From strategy to spanner - how asset management helps to align complex organisationsOliver Foerster, Meliorate

Considering a value driven approach based on a continental approach to asset management. This sees a greater focus on leadership and governance perspective rather than a technical perspective on asset management.

Advanced analytics and their use in forecasting future demand/risk - Caroline Lowe, Network Rail

Advanced analytics can improve forecast risk to asset reliability. The use of these techniques in asset management is significant cultural change to the industry. Potential benefits to safety, performance and cost are considered to be significant.

IAM business - value proposition and Vision 2026 - Shane Walton, IAM

An overview of how to get the best out of your membership and insights into the way membership will be developed over the coming years.


Session changeover and comfort break


Stream Session 2

(...continued) Introduction to asset management - John Green, Chair of NxtGen, and Kim Scott, KPMG


How asset management is transforming local highway authorities services from both an in-house and outsourced capability perspective. - Matthew Lugg OBE, WSP

In this session, we explore how asset management guidance and toolkits from the department of transport has transformed the way local highway authorities are delivering highway services in England. We will look at the different approaches to resourcing asset management capability (including insourcing, outsourcing, and performance based contracts for selected asset groups) and the lessons different organisations have learned.

Beyond asset KPIs... Reporting the performance of the Asset Management System - Dr Monique Beedles, Teak Yew

We're good at reporting on asset-related performance indicators (condition, availability, etc.). Moving to the next level of maturity, how can we link asset management practices to overall company performance? In other words, how can we assess whether the asset management system is working effectively to deliver outcomes for shareholders?

How can asset management approaches lead to a more sustainable infrastructure future? - Keith Gardner, Black & Veatch

The UK population is projected to increase by 3.6 million (5.5%) over the next 10 years, from an estimated 65.6 million in mid-2016 to 69.2 million in mid-2026. What does this mean for infrastructure providers and how can the implementation of forward looking Asset Management Strategies achieve the sustainable solutions that will be required in the future?

Routes to membership - Vicky Vassou, IAM Membership Committee

This session will provide details of the possible routes to becoming a member of the IAM and the associated benefits and value. The session will also provide information on membership services that are likely to become available in the future, such as those currently being developed under the Chartership Project.


Networking and refreshments break


Plenary 3: Growth at HS1 - Joseph Samuel Murphy Inniss, High Speed 1

HS1 is a catalyst for growth that continues to add economic, cultural and social value to the regions it serves and the UK more widely. HS1 is enabling growth by increasingly proactive infrastructure management, capacity utilisation and market development.


Plenary 4: Creating silver linings: how to find and capture opportunity - Dr David Hillson, The Risk Doctor

The traditional view of risk is negative, representing loss, harm and adverse consequences. Despite standards including the possibility of "upside risk" or opportunity, approaches to opportunity management remain patchy and reactive. This presentation extends the scope of the risk process to include opportunity management explicitly, addressing each phase of the process to identify areas requiring modification.


Conclusions and evening instructions


Networking (Exhibitors' Hall)


Monday evening reception (Discovery Terrace, Library of Birmingham)
Drinks reception and barbecue


Day 2 - Innovation & Transformation

Tuesday 26 June 2018



Registration, refreshments and networking


Opening remarks from the IAM President, Chris Newsome OBE


Plenary 5 (Keynote Speaker): Evolve or die Brian McBride, Chairman of ASOS and Wiggle, previously CEO of Amazon UK

Moore’s law made electronic products faster, smaller, cheaper, and Darwin’s theory of evolution shows us you need to adapt or you die. We saw the tech industry fail to adapt quickly enough, and watched Netscape, Dec, Compaq, Ashton Tate, Kodak, Nokia and others disappear.Brian talks about the drivers of e-commerce growth and the mobile screen - the most looked at screen in our homes. He explains the need to be data-driven, how to connect with audiences in a world where traditional retail is under continuous pressure, and why a lack of customer knowledge means it is losing share to e-commerce pure-plays. Brian discusses the need for personalisation, how companies like ASOS apply machine learning to vast reservoirs of customer data to narrow 80k SKUs down to 10 tailored recommendations, and how to exploit digital marketing; leveraging social media to reach the right audience.


Plenary 6: Digital by design - how digital drives deep tech companies - Lionel Paillet, previously at Nest, Google and Apple

Whilst deep tech companies stand for innovation today, building this DNA is not about a blinking sign at the back of the room. The iPhone is just over 10 years old and it has changed our lives: a result of a vision, deep tech innovation and the ultimate end-to-end customer journey. Transforming or adapting a company culture, accelerating its digital transformation is a journey that no one can ignore.


Networking and refreshments break


IAM Qualifications exam session
10:45-12:45 IAM Certificate


Stream Session 3

Asset Management Game - Synergy Port - Sander Sieswerda, Celine Vercoglio, Oxand

Synergy Port is a cooperative board game for 12-16 persons. Participants represent different departments, with particular stakes. Assets degrade during the game. Maintenance and renewals are necessary to keep them in the right state for production. But this comes with a cost, and there is only a limited budget available.

Protective security challenges - securing the physical & digital worlds - UK Government Security Adviser

The session will cover the range of higher end threats to infrastructure and its design and construction and subsequent management.It will demonstrate the security-minded approach to digital engineering and the palette of countermeasures available to the profession to mitigate national security threats including those from terrorism.

Raising the game - managing whole business units as 'assets' - John Woodhouse, The Woodhouse Partnership

Many organisations are on the journey to better management of their 'core' assets. This session describes how some leaders are now applying the same thinking at multiple levels, up to and including whole companies within a group, a holding company or investment portfolio.

Engineering for a Digital Future - David Ogden and Simon Kirkham, United Utilities

How do asset intensive organisations adopt and harness the opportunities presented by technological advancements in asset information?


Knowledge Leadership Group, knowledge presentation and the IAM Handbook - Daniel Penny, National Grid

The KLG is at the heart of the IAM to ensure the knowledge required by our members, and others, is identified, assessed, developed and made available in the most appropriate manner. Working with the Chapters across the globe is key to meeting the range and varity of international needs.


Session changeover and comfort break


Stream Session 4

(continued...) Asset Management Game - Synergy Port


Managing transformation in infrastructure organisations - the role of asset management - Diane Gibson and Nicola Debnam, Highways England

Describing the journey of change from Government Agency to Highways England - our change programmes for asset management, operating in a regulatory environment and preparing for future roads periods.

How can asset management contribute to infrastructure management in smart cities? - Ana Vukicevic, Lausanne City

Example of an asset management model transformation towards one single platform to manage and optimise several network types (water, electricity, gas, telecommunication).

Transformation of the Future - more impact, quicker, with greater transparency - Sam Pachoud, Ernst & Young

Current trends such as changes in the markets, business model reforms, disruptive technologies and the potential applications of enabling technology in asset management offer several clues as to what is to come in future Business Transformations in Asset Intensive industries.

Value of professional development and qualifications - Maureen O’Mara, IAM Qualifications representative

As our careers progress, CPD (Continued Professional Development) becomes more important as a means to demonstrate and gain recognition for the skills and competencies we learn. Learn how to make the most of the opportunities available and understand the true value of CPD.


Lunch, exhibition and networking


IAM Qualifications exam session
13:30-15:30 IAM Certificate
13:30-16:30 IAM Diploma


Stream Session 5

NxtGen Pitch & Poster Session - Host: Michael Taylor, Anglian Water

Find out about submitting a poster >

Come and see some of the brightest individuals at the beginning of their asset management careers pitch their work to seasoned asset management professionals.This is the perfect session to uncover innovation from those individuals who are blazing a trail through the profession utilising innovative methods and demonstrating transformative asset management in their industry.

Judges: Andrew Newby, IAM

Understanding the role of asset management in transformation - Ian Schofield, Associated British Ports, Vanessa Chau, Brampton City

What is the purpose of transformation? When looking through the asset management lens, you are transforming the business to achieve asset management objectives - but the business might have a different perspective. So where does asset management fit in?

A digital hydropower value chain based on ISO 55001 - Nicolas Rouge, Alpiq

Alpiq Hydropower has invested to improve its asset management capabilities since 2015. Obtaining the ISO 55'001 certification with support of HYDRO Exploitation SA and OXAND, in 2016 is a first step on this journey. Going beyond the ISO requirements has been possible through the implementation of digital solutions to create value thanks to predictive maintenance techniques.

Faster and better decision-making using smarter technology - Ben Hanley, IBM

This session will highlight how technology, via Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics and Augmented Intelligence is enabling organisations to rapidly accelerate their asset management maturity and command competitive advantage. The session will combine maturity models and case studies to show the opportunities presented by embracing new technology.

Building asset knowledge through customer engagement - Stewart Whyte, National Grid

Engaging our customers, to develop opportunities to improve our asset knowledge, is key to continuously improving our asset management capability. We have developed, and would like to share, some key tools and processes central to helping us build our asset knowledge to deliver for our internal customers.


Session changeover and comfort break


Stream Session 6

Decentralisation of reliability data through blockchain - Tim Ingram, Gareth Willoughby, MMI Engineering

The advent of blockchain as a shared, secure ledger, has the potential to provide a new way of thinking about reliability data. We can pool resources to improve our confidence in our predictions and hence long-term decision-making.


Asset management and technology - driven transformation - David White and Jon Kerbey, High Speed 2

To deliver the HS2 Strategic Goals and Objectives the Asset Management System will change through each phase of the project into and beyond normal operations. To achieve true flexibility we must be digitally enabled, with integrated business and technical systems. BIM is an important tool that will create our virtual world, our digital twin and deliver excellent customer service.

Key triggers and enablers for transformation programmes - Dr Monique Beedles, Teak Yew (facilitator), Tim Kersley, Network Rail, Derrick Dunkley, National Grid, and Ian Schofield, Associated British Ports

What triggers the need for transformation? What are some of the key areas of transformation? What are me of the enablers for successful transformation?

Getting value from analytics - practical delivery in the short, medium and long term - Richard Hawkins, Seams

Infrastructure rich organisations often face challenges in embedding advanced analytics into the business and landing the benefits. Richard Hawkins explores, and presents case studies from Icon Water and South West Water on how the analytics journey not only delivers a future long term vision, but delivers real value in the short and medium term too.

IAM Award winners 2017

Individual Achievement Award - Mick Black, Canal & River Trust
Innovation Award - Chris Evans, Anglian Water Services


Session changeover and comfort break


Plenary 7 (Keynote speaker): Innovation, Disruption, Brands and Entrepreneurs - Will Whitehorn, previously President of Virgin Galactic

Will describes the history of innovation and disruption since the beginning of the modern economy. Drawing on his experience at Virgin and companies such as Purplebricks and Clyde Space, he then describes why entrepreneurs are so good at innovating and disrupting markets by creating strong brand identities. He also talks about the looming industrial revolution in space.


Plenary 8: The Big Picture - The BMT Journey - Sarah Kenny, BMT

Application of the IAM’s Big Picture in the context of BMT’s global organisation transformation programme, including consolidation of an asset management skillset within our people founded upon Graduate Development.


Plenary 9: NxtGen Pitch & Poster - 2018 winner 

The winner from this morning's Pitch & Poster session shares their winning entry.


Conclusions and evening instructions


The Institute of Asset Management Annual General Meeting


Drinks Reception


Tuesday Dinner (Hilton Birmingham Metropole)
Three course dinner at the hotel


Day 3 - Resilience

Wednesday 27 June 2018



Registration, refreshments and networking


Opening remarks from the IAM President, Chris Newsome OBE


Plenary 10: Global resilience cities - Dr Mark Fletcher, Arup

In the 21st century, a city's ability to remain competitive whilst supporting the wellbeing of its citizens and service ability of its assets can be compromised by shocks and stresses, ranging from climate change to aging infrastructure. How can we build a multi-stakeholder strategy and appropriate processes to help cities improve their robustness, flexibility and inclusiveness of their systems?


Plenary 11: Asset management in the boardroom - Dr Monique Beedles, Teak Yew

Boards make the critical decisions that determine a company's ability to predict, prevent and respond to events that could have a detrimental impact on the future of the organisation. Asset management is an important part of the board's role. To remain resilient boards must focus not only on technological advances but also on other factors such as operating models, government policy and its supply chain. This presentation will discuss how asset management can be integrated into the work of the board and how asset management principles can inform and support the board's strategic decision-making to build and maintain resilience.


SMRP CMRP exam session (registration in advance on the SMRP website)


Networking and refreshments break


Stream Session 7

Project 13: Capturing the benefits of digital transformation in UK infrastructure - Jennifer Macdonald, Mott Macdonald

Digital transformation offers vast opportunities to improve infrastructure performance, particularly through improved asset management of existing infrastructure. This session will present results from benchmarking leading asset owners, including a number of members of the Infrastructure Client Group.

Asset management and business resilience (top-down vs. bottom-up) - David Smith, Bristol Water, and Scott Hughes, The Coventry Building Society

Resilience is about more than just weather and climate change. Other areas where resilience is required include cyber and the supply chain. This session will explore the 4 Rs (Recovery, Reliability, Redundancy and Re-design). Delegates will also work together to develop a checklist for the key elements to assessing resilience capability that they can take away.

Managing flooding - resistance vs. resilience - Matthew Barker, Building Research Establishment (BRE)

This session focuses on understanding the approaches of protecting properties in the UK from flooding; as well as how and why industry is shifting towards a flood resilient built environment. We will understand why keeping water out of a building isn’t always the best strategy, and how simple design changes can significantly speed up the process of recovery.

Resilient networks - Richard Bakewell, United Utilities, and Mark Pye, Jacobs

An innovative approach to robust decision-making to select the right asset solution to deliver enhanced resilience value, considering how to analyse multiple and competing criteria and recognising uncertainty when planning for the future.

IAM Foundation Award - are you up to the mark? - Sam Quinlan, IAM

Overview of the IAM’s new Foundation Award and an opportunity to take a sample of the test questions.


Session changeover and comfort break


Stream Session 8

Site Visit - Canal and Rivers Trust - John Green, Canal and Rivers Trust

With over 2000 miles of canal and over 8500 structures the Canal & Rivers Trust have their fair share of assets. Come and take a look at how they're applying asset management with a visit to the 21 locks of the picturesque Hatton Lock flight.

(continued...) Asset management and business resilience (top-down vs. bottom-up) - Patrick Tully, Frazer-Nash, Wendy Owen, Jacobs, and Shimona Shodipo


Sustainable accounting and the six capitals - Dr Hannah James, Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is using natural, social and human capital accounting, applying the ‘six capitals’ concept to shape decisions around land and asset management. This session will present the recent ‘Total Impact’ study, sustainable accounting case studies, and how Yorkshire Water is using them to embed sustainability and resilience throughout their business strategy.

Predicting resilience in electricty networks - David Clements, EA Technology

New technology gives us the ability to better estimate the impact of asset failures on system resilience. This session will discuss how increasing computing power is making it more practical to use simulation to model how changes in asset health, and network operation will impact individual customers and overall network performance.

How to set up Chapters and Branches - a first-hand experience - Peter Dourlein, IAM Netherlands Chapter, and Simon Cain, IAM UK North East Branch

The value and benefits of IAM Chapters and Branches as numbers grow across the globe.


Lunch, exhibition and networking


IAM Qualifications exam session
13:30-15:30 IAM Certificate
13:30-16:30 IAM Diploma


Plenary 12: Building resilience through an asset management culture - Vanessa Chau, Brampton City

To meet the new asset management regulatory requirements in Canada, the City of Brampton has taken a holistic approach to asset management by fostering a culture of cross-functional knowledge sharing; and launched a dedicated Training and Innovation Centre to build staff capacity and ensure alignment with the ISO 55000 standards.


Plenary 13: Infrastructure resilience: what is it worth and how do we make a difference? - Dr Juliet Mian, Arup

The Resilience Shift is an initiative to improve resilience within and between critical infrastructure sectors globally. The Resilience Shift is funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and hosted by Arup.


Closing address from the IAM President, Chris Newsome OBE


Conference close




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