The 2018 programme comprises topic streams designed to engage all members of the asset management community. The programme will be packed with technical content in the form of plenary presentations, workshops and interactive panel sessions. 

For those who are bringing partners we are running a "Partners Meet and Greet" as an opportunity to meet others and visit the city of Birmingham during the conference.

Conference Themes and Streams


Day 1 - Growth

Monday 25 June

Day 2 - Innovation &

Tuesday 26 June

Day 3 - Resilience

Wednesday 27 June


Organisations are competing for resources to ensure they remain attractive to people, investment, and business. 

Day 1 will explore how effective asset management can help an organisation both respond to growth challenges and provide a key enabler to fuel growth:

  • Getting maximum returns and optimising the future cash flow of investments.
  • Increasing output whilst increasing life: making every choice a strategic one for the life of your asset.
  • Demand analysis and capacity management: exploring new markets, new customers, new products.

How can we better understand assets as a unique service and financial instrument?

Day 2 will explore how asset management can join up disciplines from boardroom to boiler room, to transform both their organisation and services to customers, yield greater returns for shareholders and enhance reputation with stakeholders.

Day 2 will also examine the role of people in helping achieve this transformation. Transformation processes are well developed and widely utilised, but to obtain real value requires more than just new systems, tools, people and processes - the challenges of embedment will be considered.

How can we retain flexibility in a changing market?

Many organisations operate in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Many of these factors are entirely outside of the control of the organisation, but can have a significant impact on their effectiveness.

Day 3 will look at how sustainable and resilient services, asset systems, resources and supply chains are crucial to the long-term success of businesses.

Stream A

The Principles of Asset Management (hosted by NxtGen)

This stream is tailored to organisations and individuals in established organisations who are new to asset management. The sessions will:

  • explain and explore the principles of asset management
  • provide examples of good practice
  • allow delegates to put theory into practice in a safe environment and to get feedback from an expert

Stream B

Developing Asset Management Capability

This stream is aimed at those who are experienced in the theme of the day. Delegates will share and learn from one another’s successes (or otherwise) in traditional and non-traditional sectors through discussions and other interactive sessions. 

Stream C

Seeking Asset Management Excellence

Aimed at those with considerable experience in the theme of the day and who are interested in understanding how the challenges are evolving and helping to define excellence in this field. 

Stream D

Special Focus Stream: Solving Intelligence

From using subject matter experts to smart technology, the Internet of Things and machine learning, this stream will explore the evolution (or revolution) in the tools and systems deployed for ever-more informed and ever-faster decision-making. This stream will focus on technology and providing delegates the opportunity to attend demonstrations.

Stream E

Developing Asset Management Knowledge

Facilitated by representatives of the IAM, this work stream will provide a forum for members and non-members to hear more about the knowledge being generated by the Institute and other activities being undertaken. From Subject Specific Guidelines to professional development and the increasing international activities of members, this stream will provide the opportunity to engage with leaders within the Institute. Delegates will be able to:

  • understand how new developments affect them
  • provide feedback on how publications, engagement and networking opportunities and other services are meeting their needs
  • help shape the future of how the Institute raises its profile and the profile of the profession


IAM Qualifications exams

As always, paying Whole Event delegates will have the opportunity to sit the IAM Certificate or Diploma exam at the event, free of chargeA morning and an after lunch exam session will run on Monday and Tuesday, and an after lunch exam session will run on Wednesday. If you are interested in this opportunity please email


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