Subject Specific Guidelines


The Subject Specific Guidelines (SSGs) are part of a series of publications designed to expand and enrich asset management knowledge.

The SSGs cover the 39 Subjects in Asset Management - an anatomy, and are also based on the asset management knowledge structure or ‘matrix’ from the Asset Management Landscape

The SSGs are a core element within the IAM asset management knowledge base. Through peer review and IAM Expert Panel assessment, they fully align with the IAM’s values of the development of excellence in asset management, and the provision of support to those seeking that success.

Each Subject Specific Guideline document covers one or a group of subjects from the 39 Subjects, with broader subjects meriting their own SSG, and closely related subjects being grouped together in one SSG. 

The publications are colour-coded according to the Group within which the Subjects it covers appear.


SSG project status

All Subject Specific Guidelines documents are either in progress or complete. Completed SSGs have been published are available to purchase in PDF and print format.

Group 1: Strategy and Planning Group 2: Asset Management Decision-Making Group 3: Life Cycle Delivery

Subjects 1, 2 & 5: Asset Management Policy,
Strategy & Plans 

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Subjects 6 & 7: Capital Investment
Operation & Maintenance Decision-Making

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Subject 11: Technical Standards & Legislation 
(in progress)

Subject 3: Demand Analysis

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Subject 8: Life Cycle Value Realisation

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Subject 12: Asset Creation & Acquisition 
(in progress)
Subject 4: Strategic Planning (in progress) Subject 9: Resourcing Strategy (in progress) Subject 13: Systems Engineering (in progress)
  Subject 10: Shutdowns & Outage Strategy (in progress) Subject 14: Configuration Management 
(in progress)
    Subject 15: Maintenance Delivery (in progress)

Subject 16: Reliability Engineering

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    Subject 17: Asset Operations (in progress)
    Subject 18: Resource Management (in progress)
    Subject 19: Shutdown & Outage Management
(in progress)
    Subject 20: Fault & Incident Response (in progress)
    Subject 21: Asset Decommissioning & Disposal
(in progress)
Group 4: Asset Information Group 5: Organisation and People Group 6: Risk and Review

Subjects 22, 23 & 25: Asset Information,
Strategy, Standards & Data Management

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Subject 26: Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Subject 31: Risk Assessment & Management

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Subject 24: Asset Information Systems (in progress) Subject 27: Asset Management Leadership (in progress) Subject 32: Contingency Planning & Resilience Analysis 
(in progress)

Subjects 28 & 29: Organisation, Structure & Culture 

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Subject 33: Sustainable Development (in progress)
  Subject 30: Competence Management (in progress) Subject 34: Management of Change (in progress)
    Subject 35: Asset Performance & Health Monitoring
(in progress)
    Subject 36: Asset Management System Monitoring
(in progress)
    Subject 37: Management Review, Audit & Assurance
(in progress)
    Subject 38: Asset Costing & Valuation (in progress)
    Subject 39: Stakeholder Engagement (in progress)

Using the SSGs

The Subject Specific Guidelines provide detailed guidance and information on implementing principles laid out by PAS 55 and ISO 55000, including case studies from a range of sectors. These guidelines may be either sector-specific: rail, electricity distribution, facilities management or nuclear, or functional: asset information, risk management and decision support.

The SSGs are not a definitive recipe for implementation; they represent considerations for asset managers when creating, maintaining and improving asset management systems. Understanding the complexity and maturity of an organisation is key for putting the SSGs in the right context, as the maturity of the organisation will determine its ability to recognise and implement a solution and the complexity of an organisation will determine the complexity of the solution required.


The SSG Steering Group has been successfully navigated by industry experts, academics and thought leaders who have provided clarity and shared insight into the 39 subjects. We plan to complete the whole series of SSGs by the end of 2018. 

Thank you to all the project teams who have worked on the development and production of the SSGs.

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