June 2018 Sets Record Figures for IAM Qualifications

The IAM Qualifications are designed to promote good asset management practices, establish career paths, and help individuals gain professional recognition, increased insight and improved job prospects.

With a total of 315 candidates sitting the Certificate and Diploma in June 2018, a new monthly record has been set. Exams were hosted in Belgium, Canada, Chile, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA - an indication of the growing importance of professional recognition for asset management capabilities on an international scale.

A busy month for IAM Qualifications, June also saw the most people to ever sit an exam in one week, with 187 candidates. The largest exam to date was also sat by a record breaking 55 candidates in one session.

The previous highest monthly figure was in November 2017, with 232 candidates sitting an IAM Qualification exam that month.

Whether you have initial, specialist or management experience, IAM Qualifications help you to develop as a professional, giving you formal recognition for your asset management knowledge and understanding.

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If you are working towards an IAM Qualification with a training provider or your qualification is being organised by your employers, they may organise a private exam venue as part of the process. If not, or if you are an individual taking an exam, you will need to book an exam at one of our public exam venues.

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Asset management for everyone

The recently launched Foundation Award provides individuals who may not work in asset management or who have little or no prior knowledge of the discipline with a basic understanding of the key principles, in order to support their organisation's asset management activities.

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