Recognised Qualifications

The IAM offers Recognition of Asset Management Qualifications (AM Quals) which support its concept of asset management and meet certain eligibility criteria.

IAM Recognition of AM Quals:

•    Helps individuals find the AM Qual that best suits their needs
•    Gives employing organisations information they can use to decide which AM Quals to promote to their people and when choosing between individuals with AM Quals.  
•    Provides a benchmark for designers of new qualifications and those looking to incorporate asset management in existing qualifications.

Meeting a need

AM Quals have been around a long time but since the publication of ISO55001 in 2014 there has been a marked increase in the number of academic, professional and vocational qualifications on offer and in the pipeline. Currently, there are over 80 English language AM Quals worldwide, ranging from introductory awards to master’s degrees. It is a confusing market, with similar terms used to describe dissimilar qualifications, and different understandings of what is meant by asset management, making it difficult for individuals and organisations to decide what is best for them. 

Benefits of IAM Recognition for AM Quals providers

As a provider of recognised asset management qualifications, you can:

•    Increase the value and appeal of your AM Qual to the global network of IAM individual and corporate members, patrons and their professional networks.
•    Promote discounted IAM membership for individuals who enrol for recognised qualification and staff involved in teaching the qualifications.
•    Be listed as offering an IAM Recognised AM Qual on the IAM website.
•    Use IAM brand and IAM Recognition logo when promoting your AM Qual.

The process

Where there is significant alignment between the syllabus of a qualification and the requirements in the IAM Competences Framework (which in turn maps to the IAM Conceptual “6 box” model and ISO55001), the qualification provider is invited to apply for AM Quals Recognition. 

It is a simple process:

Providers need to demonstrate the relationship between their AM Qual and the IAM Competences Framework in their application. The IAM assesses a qualification’s scope and the reputation and quality assurance processes of the applicant. It then makes decisions either to Recognise, not Recognise or request any additional information required for a complete assessment to be made.
Advice and assistance are available to applicants throughout the process. Unless additional information is required, a decision letter is sent to the applicant within 14 working days of the application form being received.
Subject to contract and payment of the relevant fees, or unless major changes are made to a qualification, IAM Recognition of AM Quals Recognition is valid for three years. 

Get IAM Recognition for your AM Qualification

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