About IAM Canada

We’re pleased to present the volunteers leading the Canadian Chapter in its development. The Chapter consists of a board with five members, complemented by another 12 members that together form the Executive Committee. Feel free to reach out to Executive@Canada.theIAM.org or contact any of the individuals below to find out more about our activities or to get involved.



  • January 2015 - incorporation
  • February / March 2015 - first local Branch meetings
  • Q4 2015 - first annual member meeting


Boudewijn Neijens, Chapter Secretary
Boudewijn.Neijens@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 604-484-0251

Boudewijn holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Brussels, an MBA from INSEAD in France, and CMRP and CRL certifications. He has been involved with high-technology startups for the last 25 years. At Copperleaf he works with large asset-intensive corporations worldwide to refine their asset management practices in the areas of Asset Investment Planning and Management, decision support systems and risk-based planning models.Boudewijn is the president of the Lower Mainland chapter of PEMAC and sits on its national board. He is also a Vessel and Equipment Manager at RCM-SAR, a volunteer search and rescue organization operating over 60 fast rescue vessels along the BC coast. In this role he manages the maintenance and 24-hour operation of mission-critical rescue vessels, and crews as a SAR lead at his local rescue station.

David Albrice, Chapter Secretary & Communications & Member Liaison


Hans Kogel, Chapter Treasurer
Hans.Kogel@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 519-254-1681 ext. 3234

Hans Kogel, P. Eng. is the Director of Asset Management for Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation (CHC). CHC owns and manages over 4,700 residential units, containing over 700 buildings having an asset value in excess of $600M CDN. He is corporately responsible for asset management, capital projects, engineering and procurement. Through his 25 years' experience Hans has developed a comprehensible approach to solving technical and business problems. Hans has a passion for asset planning and sound business solutions that drive capital investment in existing and new assets. Hans has a wide range of experience providing leadership in research and development and manufacturing design roles, travelling extensively through both Europe and Asia.

Bernard Gaudreault, Local Community Development QC
Bernard.Gaudreault@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 418-692-0833

Mr. Gaudreault combines 14 years of experience in the field of assetamanagement. He is a strategic and determined manager, and recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, creativity, communication skills and negotiation. Mr. Gaudreault specializes in the development and implementation of effective asset management strategies. Before founding Planifika, he held several senior positions from 2000 to 2005 for a firm specializing in asset management for municipal assets. He is currently President of Planifika he co-founded in 2005. He subsequently from 2008 to 2013 combined the positions of General Manager and CEO of Regis Côté Group (architecture and consulting), with more than 200 employees and part of the Top 300 most important Quebec Businesses.

Ross Homeniuk, Local Community Development & Sector Liaison CNAM
Ross.Homeniuk@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 204-891-7569

Ross Homeniuk is a Director with KPMG's Global Infrastructure Advisory, leading asset management service delivery in Canada. Working with government, utility and private sector organizations, he helps clients integrate business and technical principals with best practice to strengthen asset management practice and improve the consistency and defensibility of infrastructure plans and management strategies. For nearly two decades Ross has worked with a range of organizations from the very small to the very large, across Canada and internationally, and with various levels of sophistication; through this experience he has come to appreciate the issues and challenges facing Canada’s asset managers from all sectors.

Chris Kynicos, Local Community Development ON
Chris.Kynicos@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 905-806-6134

Chris emigrated from the UK to Canada 8 years ago.  He received his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2003 at the University of Bath and has also holds the Corporate Finance designation from the Chartered Professional Accountants Canada. Chris began his career with KPMG, spending 10 years, advising all levels of governments on the financing and structuring of infrastructure projects across a wide range of sectors, including schools, hospitals, utilities and more recently focusing on transportation projects. Since joining the Region of York, Chris manages the newly formed Transportation Asset Management team and has been a lead individual on developing corporate asset management initiatives.

Gareth Lifton, Local Community Development AB
Gareth.Lifton@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 403-407-6201

Gareth is CH2MHILL’s Global Head of Asset Management with almost 30 years of asset management experience working with a broad range of industrial and municipal asset classes. Prior to joining CH2M he worked as an asset owner for a number of Utility companies including Scottish Water, United Utilities and Thames Water. As General Manager at Scottish Water Gareth developed and implemented a customer focused Asset Management approach that resulted in Scottish Water becoming one of the fastest improving utility companies in the UK, with over 40% savings in operating costs and 20% saving in capital costs while improving customer service.

David Bowcott, Sector Liaison Capital & Insurance
David.Bowcott@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 416-566-5973

David has 22 years of experience within the insurance and risk management industry with a focus on construction, asset development and asset management. He has helped clients (owners, design firms, contractors and operators) to develop optimal strategies to best manage risk throughout the life of the assets they own or the assets they develop/manage. In particular, David has assisted the various sources of capital (equity and debt) understand all their options in managing asset management risk, and through the implementation of these solutions optimize the cost of capital to develop and operate said assets. AON has been developing databases related to root cause and is helping clients focus their energy on the real risks vs the perceived risks. David is committed to use this data, the associated solutions to manage risk, and the network contacts he has in the insurance and capital community to support the asset management movement in general and the IAM specifically.

James Jorgensen, NxtGen Lead & Sector Liaison Water
James.Jorgensen@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 289-527-0570

James is an experienced water and wastewater infrastructure planner and specialized in master planning, asset management and wastewater analysis and planning focus. He worked for AECOM UK from 2002 to 2011 and transferred to AECOM Canada in 2011. He joined GM BluePlan as a partner in 2013. James has worked with utilities in the U.K. to create their 5 year wastewater Asset Management Plan for submission to industry regulator, OFWAT.  He participated in two Periodic Review processes (2004, 2009). He maintains contact with IAM members and asset owners in the U.K. while currently working in Toronto on municipal water and wastewater infrastructure planning and asset management projects.

Ruth Hook, Sector Liaison Utilities
Ruth.Hook@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 519-436-5376

Ruth is a Professional Engineer and has been employed with Union Gas Ltd. since 1985. Over that time, she has had roles in Operations, Engineering and Supply Chain. In 2013 the assumed her current role, Manager of Asset Management. This was a newly created role at Union Gas in our Operations Management Group in Engineering. In the early days in this role, she helped with a Readiness Assessment and project justification for our current EAM project. Her current focus is the development of the Asset Management Program at Union Gas and moving forward with data integration projects to support Asset Management analysis. 

Jasbir Raina, Sector Liaison Public Sector
Jasbir.Raina@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 905-615-3200 ext. 4983

Jasbir has 29 years of Public sector service experience includes Strategy formulation and implementation, Public Administration, People & Stakeholders management, Facility & Building Asset Management, Operations & Logistics management, Capital planning & Change management, Developing & promoting strategic partnerships, Research and  Marketing, Branding, and Business planning & process improvements. At the City of Mississauga (Canada's 6th largest city with building assets worth $ 2 billions), he was responsible for developing & commissioning City’s strategic Facility & Building Asset (system & equipment) Management plan.

Gary Tosh, Sector Liaison Ports
Gary.Tosh@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 778-668-5437

Gary Tosh is the Infrastructure Asset Management Coordinator for Port Metro Vancouver. Since 2009 he has helped develop the Port's AM program including identifying the complete asset inventory, defining asset inspection types, standards and frequencies, delivering initial benchmark inspections for all assets in an two year period, designing and implementing intra-departmental asset-specific information flows, CMMS and AM software functional requirements, authoring PMV’s corporate AM policy and helping to represent the emerging face of AM in the North American Port industry through the American Association of Port Authorities.

Sasha Pejcic, Knowledge Management
Sasha.Pejcic@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 416-276-7057

Sasha Pejcic is Principal Consultant at Parsons Brinckerhoff. As lead of the Transit Advisory Group, Sasha and his team help transit agencies rationalize their services in order to grow ridership, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize cost efficiencies. To date, Sasha has led assignments that include operations and maintenance (O&M) contracting, service optimization, service planning, transit services review, on time performance, specialized transit, hazard/risk analysis, asset management, economic analysis, standard operating procedures and strategic planning.


Marie-Claude Roquet, Knowledge Management
Marie-Claude.Roquet@Canada.theIAM.org / +1 (514) 879-4100