The USA Chapter of the IAM

Introducing IAM USA

It is our honor to present the USA Chapter of the Institute of Asset Management - IAM USA.  

The US has a diverse demographic that includes manufacturing, life-science, commercial buildings, petro-chemical, power generation and infrastructure, such as water, transportation and energy. IAM USA is in a prime position to develop a unique perspective and knowledge to share with the rest of the asset management world and is looking for motivated experts to build our organization to deliver this vision.                                      

As an independent organization committed to the development and application of knowledge and good practice, the IAM USA can help you, your organization and United States industries become demonstratively more competent at realizing value from assets.     

Our vision

  • To support USA asset owners and managers to realize more value from their assets through the introduction and development of good practices and policies, by providing a path to IAM knowledge, information and services for USA-based members.
  • Our initial focus will be on the Individual Journey. We will work to extend existing services of the IAM and tailor for the USA audience.
  • We will also work to extend the services to support the Corporate Journey.
  • We will contribute to the development of the information and knowledge base of the IAM through development of solutions drawn from USA experiences.


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