The professional body for whole life management of physical assets


You have reached the application page to register with the IAM or apply to become a member. 

If you are not sure which class of membership is suitable for you or you have not yet chosen one, please look at the relevant details on the Individual Membership or Corporate Membership pages.

PLEASE NOTE that we are currently in a process of change regarding existing members and we are also upgrading our website, so please bear with us.  The presentation of options and forms for joining will be much better soon!

Please select an option below.

Please supply as much information as possible, at a minimum we require the fields marked with an asterisk. Thank you.

We do not sell or pass your personal data on to any other organisations and any IAM staff or Members who need access to your data (for example, Membership Committee) are obliged to use this information only for the purpose for which they have access.

Although we are happy to communicate with you at your work address, the reason we ask for your personal details is to establish contact once again in case this becomes necessary.  

(Members who change jobs or move house do not always remember to tell us!)


► ASSOCIATE, MEMBER (MIAM) OR FELLOW (FIAM) - please join now as an Associate.  You then have the option, at any time, to submit evidence and apply to transfer to MIAM (or FIAM, later in 2014).

If you intend submitting evidence for full membership (MIAM), we ask for your patience as we move to the new system. Please join now as an Associate and wait until early 2015 before applying to transfer to Member.

► STUDENT - please join now as an Affiliate (Free of charge).
You then need to submit evidence of your educational programme and student status in order to pay and transfer to Student.

► AFFILIATE - please select: 'Affiliate'

► MAILING LIST ONLY - please select: 'Join our Mailing List'


Please select one of the options and provide the information requested.  You may also ask any questions you have and our Membership department will contact you to finalize your requirements and take payment for membership:

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