The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

About us

The IAM is the professional body for those involved in acquisition, operation and care of physical assets – especially critical infrastructure. In particular, the Institute is for professionals worldwide who are dedicated to furthering their knowledge and understanding of Asset Management.

Please note: we do NOT focus particularly on financial assets and wealth management.  In the context of achieving strategic management of an organisation's assets, financial aspects are considered but the IAM does not deal with purely financial techniques themselves.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and independent of commercial and trade associations.

We gather, collate and present existing knowledge and good practice as well as researching it ourselves.  We provide products to assist organisations to put this knowledge into effect.  We assist individuals to learn and we recognise competence based on evidence.  We organise our own conferences and events and also endorse relevant quality events provided by others.  We offer 'endorsement' schemes to help identify the best providers of training and assessment services.  We also list 'recommended' books that you may find helpful.  We provide many member services including our award winning magazine 'Assets'.

The more Members we get the more resources we have to deliver projects, knowledge and services.

Why not join us today!

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