About the IAM

Development Programme

The IAM Development Programme has been put together to ensure that the Institute delivers its vision and goals, satisfies the needs of its members and stakeholders with a sustainable commercial model, and works towards achieving Chartered status. The Development Programme is agreed by Board.

The initiatives, projects and activities requiring significant action and resources over the coming three years are supported by sponsors. We are extremely grateful to these organisations who are providing significant funding for this exciting project.



There are three core goals around which the programme is structured:

1. Learned Society

“To be recognised as the leading international professional body for asset management by increasing the rate of creation and provision of knowledge and good practice, thereby influencing and encouraging improved asset management by organisations across all sectors.”

2. Asset Management Professionals

“To encourage more people, across multiple business functions, to increase their knowledge, understanding and capability in asset management - and to want external recognition of this because more employers and stakeholders value it.”

3. The Thriving Institute

“To build an increasingly engaged and active membership that achieves the Institute’s objectives, with appropriate organisation and governance, underpinned by a structured business that delivers the products and services to support this.”

Become a Sponsor

If you would like to find out about becoming a sponsor for this significant project, please contact: office@theIAM.org

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