The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

Board of Management

ELECTION NOMINATION FORM 2015 click here to download


President Richard Edwards
Past President Stephen Morris
Board Member Ursula Bryan
Board Member Andrew Newby
Board Member Chris Newsome
Board member Rhys Davies
Chief Executive & Secretary (ex officio) David McKeown

The Institute, as a legal entity, is managed by the Board (Board of Management), who may exercise all the powers of the Institute - and implement any directions given by special resolution in General Meeting. Elected Board Members are classed as company directors of the IAM under company law and as such bear the legal duties and liabilities of a company director.

The Board voluntarily takes guidance and a lead from Council. However, Council cannot limit the powers and accountability of Board and Members of Council are deemed not to be shadow directors for the purposes of the Companies Act.

Before (and after) election to the Board, Members will usually serve on Council and/or the IAM's Committees.

The Board operates primarily via the Chief Executive, who is also Company Secretary and Secretary to Board and Council (Member of the Board ex officio).

ELECTION NOMINATION FORM 2015 click here to download


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