The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

Board of Management

President Chris Newsome (Retiring 2020)
Deputy President Ursula Bryan (Retiring 2021)
Past President Richard Edwards (Retiring 2020)
Board Member Andrew Newby (Retiring 2018)
Board Member Andrew Jinks (Retiring 2020)
Board Member  Patrick Bossert (Retiring 2021)
Chief Executive & Secretary  David McKeown (Ex officio)

The Institute, as a legal entity, is managed by the Board (Board of Management), who may exercise all the powers of the Institute - and implement any directions given by special resolution in General Meeting.  Elected Board Members are classed as company directors of the IAM under company law and as such bear the legal duties and liabilities of a company director.

The Board voluntarily takes guidance and a lead from Council.  However, Council cannot limit the powers and accountability of Board; and Members of Council are deemed not to be shadow directors for the purposes of the UK Companies Act.

Before (and after) election to the Board, Members will usually serve on Council and/or the other IAM Committees / Chapters / Projects or similar, with the aim of having some familiarity with the Institute’s activities and business.  Candidates for Board are accepted subject to approval by Nominations Committee.

The Board operates increasingly as a non-executive Board, directing the Chief Executive and staff who are the legal directors of the IAM’s subsidiary companies (and do not change annually, to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy).  The Chief Executive is also Company Secretary and Secretary to Board and Council (Member of the Board ex officio as an IAM employee).  The key role of the Board is governance in all its forms: fiduciary, good practice and good conduct of members.  But it appoints Faculty as the primary technical authority for the Institute’s products, publications and knowledge activities.  Council is elected and has a consultative role.

For simplicity, there is only one ‘Board’ in the IAM.  Chapters are legal entities incorporated in their respective legislatures.  As such they have a board of directors, for clarity entitled the ‘Chapter Executive’ in IAM terminology.  Chapters are required to adhere to direction from the IAM Board of Management.

If you want to know more, or are interested in serving on the Board of Management, please contact the Chief Executive, who is also Secretary to Council and Board (and Company Secretary).  Elections take place annually in the Spring and the results are announced at the Annual General Meeting. Exceptionally, additional members may be co-opted during the year.


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