The professional body for whole life management of physical assets


The primary role of Council is to represent the owners of the IAM (the Voting Members) and to ensure that their interests are properly represented, in particular regarding the disposition of their resources and matters of strategy and long-term policy.

The focus and responsibilities of Council Members is to develop the subject of asset management and increase the influence of the IAM.  Council is consulted on major policy decisions and regularly reviews strategy and plans for all aspects of IAM activity.

Council meets typically four times a year and many members of Council are also the active leaders of the Institute, giving time and effort to Chair Committees or take a leading part in projects and events.

Council is elected from the various classes of membership and full details are available in various documents available for download. If you are interested in serving on Council, please contact the Chief Executive.

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Council Communiqués

17Apr13 -  Council Communiqué

7Feb13 -   Council Communiqué

27Nov12  - Council Communiqué

27Sep12-   Council Communiqué




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