Asset Management Excellence Awards 2021


The Asset Management Excellence Awards acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding work done by asset management professionals, organisations and teams across the world. Commitment, quality and foresight are vital to the success of asset management – along with innovation, adaptation and social awareness.

These awards are an opportunity for you to showcase the excellent work you’re doing, wherever you are in and whichever industry sector you operate in. By submitting your leading examples of good asset management practice, it’s a chance for you to celebrate your successes and share them with a wider network across the professional landscape.

The past year continues to present new opportunities and encourage us to work in new and different ways – and to reflect the changing nature of so many of our working lives, we have an updated range of award categories.

Submissions are now closed. Once Judging is complete the shortlisted nominees will be announced. 

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Recognition Awards

  • McKeown Award for Individual Achievement
  • Corporate Transformation Award
  • Project Achievement Award
  • NxtGen Award

Topic Awards

  • Digital Innovator Award
  • Sustainability & Climate Impact Award
  • Risk Management Award
  • Resilience Award

See below for descriptions and guidelines for each award category.


To celebrate the many years of commitment and vision David McKeown has given to the IAM, in 2021 and future years, we have renamed the Individual Award to honour this, and David will support the judging of this special Award.
For an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of asset management, and/or the IAM. Advancement will be judged by the benefit to society and the wider asset management community, particularly by improving widespread awareness and understanding or the increased adoption of asset management philosophy.
• Relevant contributions include examples such as:
o explicitly increased recognition of the value of our philosophy, perhaps by an important professional body or new sector e.g. Government(s);
o significant additions to the asset management knowledge base (not only the IAM’s);
o helping to separate the ‘integrating’ approach of true asset management from managing the assets or the mistaken assumption that this is engineering;
o spreading our thinking into business schools and education generally;
o converging thinking worldwide to enhance credibility of asset management, particularly the long-term, value recognised as more than financial and so forth.
• Your submission must focus on your personal activities and achievements over the past 12 – 18 months.
• Your involvement in a project or initiative may have started prior to this, but the submission should relate to recent successes.
• You must describe and evidence your personal contribution for which you wish to be recognised, where the achievement has been accomplished with others.
• Your submission for this award may acknowledge, but must not depend upon others; in other words, the leadership and/or work should be your own.

This award recognises the Corporate Journey; the progression of an organisation in achieving asset management maturity, and the excellence displayed by organisations to progress their asset management competence.
• Any organisational effort towards the Corporate Journey, regardless of the asset management maturity, is considered in this award.
• Your submission must focus on your organisation’s activities and achievements over the past 12 – 18 months.
• The projects or initiatives that are included in your submission may have started prior to this, but the submission should relate to the recent successes from these.
• You must describe and evidence how the outcome from these initiatives has advanced your organisations contribution to internal and external stakeholders.
• Your submission must detail the nature of your achievement in relation to the overall corporate journey of the organisation, regardless of the level of asset management maturity involved

This award recognises the achievements and benefits realised as an outcome of a project or initiative as a direct result of excellent asset management principles being utilised.
• Your submission must detail and explain how the use of the management system for asset management (ISO55000) improved the outcome of your project or initiative.
• Your submission must define the benefits in terms of the value realised by using those systems.
• Your submission must detail the nature of your achievement in relation the planned and actual delivery and outcome from the project.
• The submission must focus on the project rather than the individuals or parties involved in delivering it.

NxtGen Award
This award is for an individual new to asset management who can demonstrate personal progress in understanding the discipline and using that knowledge to inspire and support others to do the same.
• You must have either started your career or moved into the field of asset management within the last 2 years.
• Your submission must focus on the reasons why you chose to join the asset management profession and the steps you have taken to progress your understanding and development in this field.
• Your submission must also include how you have used your new knowledge and experience to inspire others to follow a similar path.

This award recognises innovative advancement in asset management enabled through the application of new digital technologies.
• Your submission must explain how the advancement achieved would not have been possible, or as successful, without the use of new digital technologies.
• The initiative must align with good asset management principles in relation to the decision to use a digital solution.
• Your submission should focus on how you adapted your processes or operations to include new technologies and advancements in digital capabilities.
• Your submission should focus on demonstrating how you addressed competitive, digital business and/or consumer trends.

This award recognises the benefits achieved by an individual or organisation as a result of excellent risk management processes and decision-making.
• Your submission may include developments in identification, evaluation or prioritisation of risks and/or the coordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor and control risks for the benefit of your stakeholders.
• Your submission must describe how risk principles and processes were defined in your management system and embedded throughout your organisation.
• Your submission must detail the nature of your achievement in relation to the risk practices of the organisation and how they have progressed, regardless of the level of maturity in risk processes

This award showcases the improvements made through an organisation’s management system for asset management (ISO55000) to improve the ability to return quickly to a steady state following an unplanned event or situation.
• Your submission must explain how the improvement achieved has been tested and implemented, or the real results realised following an unplanned event.
• Your submission must explain how the improvements were identified and the solution selected through good asset management principles and how they enabled the ability to absorb disturbances without the need for unplanned reactive interventions.
• Your submission must include how the improved organisational asset management activities now forecast or account for unplanned disturbances, and how you have met the challenges you faced in achieving the desired outcome.

This award recognises the application of good asset management principles by individuals or organisations in meeting the challenge of reducing the impact of the current climate emergency.
• Your submission may be set within the context of meeting local guidelines on carbon reduction, operating within restrictions on fossil fuel technology, pivoting infrastructure towards greener solutions or similar drivers or constraints.
• Your submission must show how the application of good asset management principles has led the way to contributing to organisational, governmental, and global targets with demonstrable effect, as well as how they have contributed to business continuity plans.
• Your submission must detail the nature of your achievement in relation to the impact achieved in addressing sustainability and climate issues related to your organisation, your assets, or your services.

Submissions are now closed for 2021

• Submissions may be used by the IAM to produce promotional material if you are a finalist or winner and may be shared with media partners for press releases, articles or other content. You may also be contacted by our official media partners, who will be further named when you are notified of being a finalist.
• Entries will be judged by a panel of independent experts, from a broad range of industries and regions.
• Judging decisions are final and no feedback will be given from the judging panel.
• By submitting, you are agreeing that if you are named a finalist, you are committed to participation (personal or proxy, physical or virtual) at the Award ceremony on 9 November 2021 for which there may be a fee.
• Winners will be first announced during the official Awards ceremony and promoted on our website and other media following that.
• Organisations and individuals may announce their success as a finalist or winner of an award in press releases, advertising, promotions etc, subject to announcements rights being first given to any media partner of the awards. Accreditation should always be included and in the format of ‘Winner/Finalists of [name of category] at the IAM Asset Management Excellence Awards 2021 []’.

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