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Create a Chapter


Creating a Chapter - Overview

Any IAM Voting Member can initiate a new Chapter, but in order to create the critical mass required we require a minimum of 6 active paying individuals and 6 organisations. Typically we would look for larger numbers but the main test is whether or not the proposed Chapter is likely to be viable in the long term.

To support the fledgling Chapter and provide diverse inputs the initial group must represent a number of different sectors; and, ideally, an appropriate mix of members from asset owners, service providers, consultants, government and finance / insurance.

There must be evident commitment from sufficient individuals to take up the key volunteer roles within the Chapter – and these individuals must understand the significant time and effort required.


The basic steps to create a Chapter include:

a.    A request to IAM Centre;

b.    IAM Centre confirms there is critical mass around which to organise;

c.    IAM Board agrees that an Organising Team can begin;

d.    The Organising Team forms and communicates with Members locally;

e.    The legal entity is incorporated and signs an Agreement with IAM Centre;

f.      The Chapter is announced and support is widely invited;

g.    And, finally, there is an official Launch Event.


IAM Centre will agree the initial directors for the Chapter (the Chapter Executive). These directors will sign the Agreement with IAM Centre and prepare the Chapter Start-Up Business Plan. These directors and the remainder of the Organising Team will do everything necessary including the communications to create a launch plan. IAM Centre will appoint a Start Up Team including a Board Member and Office staff to support the Organising Team.


IAM Centre

The purpose of IAM Centre is to provide coordination and liaison as well as strategy and relationships with external bodies. IAM Centre will attempt to prevent unwanted duplication and to provide economies of scale for all Chapters (particularly central services such as website, database, planning and suchlike).


Legals and Constitution

We need to incorporate the Chapter as a legal entity in order to allow the Institute to make available its brand, its knowledge, its support structure and other resources including goodwill. 

Chapters are not subsidiaries of the IAM so they sign an Agreement with IAM Centre. This Agreement ensures that all activities of all Chapters are aligned with the overall objectives of the IAM and also that governance of all parts of the Institute is transparent and can be seen to have been achieved.

The Chapter is expected to be directed and administered by volunteers who are not legally trained. Being volunteers, it is essential that they spend their time on productive activities – and a minimum of time and effort on administration. Although the legal documents must be in place, elected and appointed officers and legal directors should be able to operate the Chapter without legal training (seeking advice from IAM Centre whenever necessary). 

The ‘Guide to the Constitution’ acts as a checklist or aide-memoire for the directors on what is required of them during the year. It is deliberately organised so as to dovetail with the activities of IAM Centre. For example, the Chapter is required to hold an AGM in sufficient time such that it can be announced (at the AGM of the IAM) that all Chapters have done so and that their accounts and other governance are in order.


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