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Adept Innovations Consulting Professionals


27 Sleeps Hill Drive
South Austrralia

61 8 8357 6083

Adept Innovations Consulting Professionals provides tailored business consulting services to a range of markets including human services, training, education, government, small business and commercial organisations. We are Adelaide, Australia based with a national reach. Our capability is led by our extensive senior management and leadership experience in commercial, not-for-profit and government environments. This includes responsibility for business outcomes, budget management, people leadership and strategic direction. We are dedicated to influencing individuals and environments in creative and innovative ways by bringing to bear our experience and expertise for the benefit of you and your organisation.


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Main Services & Activities


End to end development and implementation services for:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Change Management strategies
  • Product/market analysis
  • Corporate re-focussing  Environmental analysis
  • Tender and other writing BUSINESS PERFORMANCE Review and analysis of:
  • Program and business unit efficiency
  • 360 degree performance reviews
  • Staffing
  • Budgeting
  • Operational inputs BUSINESS LEADERSHIP Supporting business leaders through:
  • Supporting CEO’s and Senior managers o Sound boarding o De-fogging o Analysing
  • Developing tomorrow’s leaders
  • Clinical supervision
  • Clinical supervision training
  • Mentoring
  • Investigating
  • Mediating

Contact Locations

Main Contact

27 Sleeps Hill Drive
South Austrralia

61 8 8357 6083

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