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CAS helps organisations in highly regulated, asset intensive environments improve strategy and planning, align behaviour and performance with expectations and ensure people, management systems and cultures are fit for purpose.

Our bespoke services draw on extensive practical experience, expert knowledge, proprietary data and tools and best practice partner organisations. Clients use us to better understand and control risk; improve line of sight from policy to practice; upgrade management systems; and, make sure culture, competence and behaviours are aligned with their objectives.


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Main Services & Activities

Embedding Asset Management

Adopting asset management thinking and practices means big changes in culture, perceptions, leadership, structures and competences. These so-called soft issues have sharp edges. If you don’t deal with them early you may come to them too late. CAS works with companies to make sure asset management delivers what they value most.

Managing Health & Safety Risk

CAS works with directors, shareholders and trustees to establish efficient, well integrated health and safety management systems. We help them understand and control risk better: improve line of sight from boardroom to frontline; bring competence and behaviour into structured approaches; and define and benchmark safety culture.

Improving Operational Performance

Operational performance is a true litmus test of organisational capability. CAS works closely with major projects, maintenance delivery programmes and transport service providers to diagnose human factors affecting performance and design practical approaches for dealing with these. Our work spans the operational lifecycle from work design and scheduling, staff selection and supervision, assessment of work performance and behaviours.

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221 St John Street

+44 (0)20 7688 2840

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