The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

Constitution / Governance

The IAM is a not for profit membership organisation that exists to advance for the public benefit the science and practice of asset management.

The IAM has members, who have joined the IAM to participate in its activities and / or gain from its services.  There are a number of types of membership within the IAM; including Corporate (for organisations and companies), and various classes of Individual membership: Fellows, Members, Associates, Students and Affiliates.  Affiliates may register for a limited period free of charge simply to access various services or downloads.  We also allow people to join our Mailing List.

Voting Members are effectively the owners of the IAM (comprising Members & Fellows).  The IAM holds an Annual General Meeting each year during the Annual Conference.  All Members are welcome at the AGM whether or not they are attending the Conference.  Voting Members may also vote without attending by completing a Form of Proxy beforehand.

All members can influence the direction of the IAM through the Council.  The role of Council is to ensure that members’ interests are properly represented, in particular regarding the disposition of the resources of the IAM and matters of strategy and long-term policy.

The IAM’s Board of Management have responsibility for the legal and corporate governance of the Institute. The Board may exercise all the powers of the Institute and implement any directions given by special resolution in General Meeting.  Board voluntarily consults Council on matters of strategy and direction.

IAM Chapters are the means by which Members can organise local work, events and other activities.  Chapters and their Branches will have Committees and Project Teams and so on as suits their numbers and interests.  Chapters are legal entities (and are accountable for their Branches, which are not legal entities).  Chapters are represented on Council.

IAM Central Committees are the place where most of the primary activity of the Institute is planned and coordinated.  A Committee is typically made up of a chairman and a number of representatives from the Members.  The standing Committees may be viewed as permanent Project teams.  But more and more, the delivery work of the IAM will be carried out by Project Teams and Committees in Chapters and Branches.

The Patrons of the IAM are an exclusive group of Corporate Members who commit to a high level of activity and engagement with the Institute and have exceptional influence via both Council and Patrons Group.

The IAM has several small permanent offices that are used to support Members and customers and for co-ordinating the Institute’s administration, membership and trading activities. 

Legal & Formal Matters

The Institute of Asset Management is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) governed by a Memorandum & Articles of Association and also by Byelaws.  There are several wholly-owned subsidiary companies owned by the CLG for tax and accounting purposes.  These include IAM Trading Ltd (VAT registered) and IAM Chapters Ltd and IAM Learning Ltd.  If you are trading or have contractual dealings with the Institute, you will be dealing with one or more of these legal entities.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association together with the latest version of the Byelaws can be found in the Downloads page of this section.

The best way for Members to understand the activities and relationship of the various parts of the IAM is to download The IAM Handbook.

If you need to know more about the IAM’s constitution or governance, please contact The Secretary.


Annual General Meeting

The Institute of Asset Management's 2017 Annual General Meeting will take place at 17h30 on 27th June, 2017, Hilton, 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ


This is part of the
IAM's Annual Conference.


AGM 2017 Proxy

AGM Agenda 2017

AGM 2016 Minutes

AGM 2014 Proxy

AGM Agenda 2014

AGM 2013 Minutes


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