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The IAM is a learned society and professional membership body dedicated to furthering the knowledge and understanding of Asset Management.  We are a not for profit organisation and therefore do not 'sponsor' events financially, however we do collaborate with event promoters where it is of mutual benefit.

Where the IAM endorses an event, we shall:

  • Advertise the event on this website and a link to the promoter's website. .
  • Highlight the event, its benefits to our members within our monthly newsletters to our members.
  • Allow the promoter to display the IAM logo on promotional material.

For the IAM to provide endorsement, an event should meet the following criteria:

  • Be of a high standard of quality.
  • Be substantially about the management of physical assets including supporting activities, e.g. asset information management, etc.
  • Be relevant to the IAM's aims and beneficial to our members' interests
  • Should not be an event whose primary purpose is to promote one or more proprietary products or solutions.
  • Support one or more of the following IAM aims.

The event promoter will be expected to:

  • Offer a discount to IAM members.
  • If requested by the IAM, provide a space (external to the main hall), free of charge, for an IAM representative, whose purpose will be to answers any questions delegates may have regarding the IAM during breaks, etc.  Free entry to event activities shall be provided to the IAM representative.  If the event promoter wishes the IAM representative can make a short (5 min) presentation to the event outlining the role of the IAM.
  • In cases where the IAM decides not to send a representative, make IAM literature prominently available at the event (for example at the registration desk).
  • Include agreed IAM links and/or material in any electronic distribution of the event documentation.

To obtain endorsement of your event, please fill out the form below. Its' contents wil be forwarded onto the IAM for consideration. The IAM will be in contact in the coming days with an initial indication of timescales.

Formato: 23/11/2017
Formato: 23/11/2017
Maximum Filesize: 200 MB
Allowed Extensions: png gif jpg jpeg

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