The professional body for whole life management of physical assets


To determine which class of membership is suitable for you or you have not yet chosen one, please look at the relevant details on the Individual Membership or Corporate Membership pages.

We do not sell or pass your personal data on to any other organisations and any IAM staff or Members who need access to your data (for example, Membership Committee) are obliged to use this information only for the purpose for which they have access.

We request that you give both your work address and personal details so that we can remain in contact with you should any of your details change. (Members who change jobs or move house do not always remember to tell us!)

Individual Membership

  • 12 months limited access to the website and downloads. You will need to join as an Affiliate should you wish to apply for Corporate Membership.
  • You will need to apply for Associate Membership before you can proceed to full membership.
  • Please complete your personal details to become an Affiliate Member. You can then log into the IAM website, click on 'Members Area' and then 'Amend Grade of Membership' to gain access to the application page. Click on Student Member application – complete and submit the details
  • You will not have access to downloads and your access to the website will be restricted.

Corporate Membership

Please join as an Affiliate to enter your personal details and create a password. Once this has been completed, you can access the ‘Members Area’ tab and then ‘Amend Grade of Membership’ to find the application form for Corporate Membership. Your personal record will not be affected.

  • Please enter details if your company is engaged in bona fide higher education. The IAM Office will then be in touch to discuss this further.
  • Please enter details if your company is a Not-For-Profit/NGO or Government Authority. The IAM Office will then be in touch to discuss this further.

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