The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

Members Area

This area of the website allows you to manage your membership in various ways.  You may decide that you want to apply for a new grade of individual membership. This can now be done with ease by clicking on the Amend Grade of Membership option. When applying, you can complete your application in as many visits as you need. 

Once you have signed in you have access to menu options enabling you to keep your details and preference up to date.

This area also offer you the ability to download Previous Applications and request Invoices be sent out so that you can keep records up to date with minimum effort. 

For members looking to Renew then please follow the link in the menu.

Corporate Key Contacts have the option below to manage their organisations details by selecting the company from the list.  To re-assume your individual identity simply select from the list below.

This also allows the organisation to make discounted purchases from the IAM Shop, book corporate events and renew subscriptions which will ensure all invoices show the organisation details rather than your personal details - please ensure these details are correct before making your purchase.

If you are having problems please contact us.

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