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April 2012

We are really looking forward to seeing many of you at Warwick for our Annual Conference.  There is the added atraction this year of meeting and hearing from the Global Forum, so you may wish to book your tickets soon because we expect it to be a sell-out.

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on the ISO55000/1/2 documents on behalf of the IAM.  We appreciate the deadlines are challenging!  Many participating countries Mirror Committees are now preparing for one more key face to face meeting of PC251 in Prague.  This takes place just before our Annual Conference, at which there will be an update from the PC251 Chair, Rhys Davies.

Meanwhile, I am glad to report that PAS55 continues to grow - and, we hope, prepare the ground well for the ISO.  We are just completing translations, courtesy of several collaborators, into Portuguese, Chinese and French.  We shall make these available for sale in due course.


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Annual Conference 2012

With reminders everywhere that there are less than 100 days until the Olympics begin, it reminds us that there is only half that until Warwick!

The final programme will be published on 1st May, including the Workshops on Day 3.  You might want to suggest to your HR or training colleagues that they consider attending the Qualifications Workshop.

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IAM Qualifications

We are working hard towards the Launch of the IAM Certificate and Diploma, which is planned for the Annual Conference.  Look out for a special feature article in the next edition of Assets, which will give a lot more detail...

If you are interested in this topic, either as a potential candidate, employer, training provider or potential examiner, you may like to keep an eye on where we shall add more information and grow a series of FAQ over the next two months.

Council Elections and AGM

Voting Members should be receiving an email next week as we approach this year's elections.  The date of the 2012 Annual General Meeting has been announced on the website and we invite any requests for additions to the usual standard agenda.  Formal notice will be given with the final agenda as usual both to Voting Members and on the website.  The Minutes of AGM 2011 have been displayed and are still available here.

The AGM will take place at 18h00 on 18th June, 2012, Warwick University at the Radcliffe Conference Centre, this takes place during the Annual Conference but we welcome any IAM Voting Member to attend even if they are not attending the Conference.

Dates for your Diary


18 Jun 2012 to 20 Jun 2012
Warwick University, UK
14 May 2012 to 16 May 2012

Next Generation

I am very excited about the NxtGen initiative.  We plan to announce more details first to everyone at the AGM in June - and we shall then publish this more widely.

A number of you have already pre-registered and we welcome any other expressions of interest... 

and finally...

We are delighted by the growth of our official LinkedIn Group - now over 2,700.  We try hard to keep all postings relevant and to minimise self-promotion so real discussions are the focus.

If you have not already joined, you might like to have a look - you do not need to belong to the IAM to participate :-)


David McKeown
Chief Executive

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IAM Qualifications
Council Elections and AGM
Dates for your Diary
Next Generation
and finally...

Find out about the IAM Qualifications

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