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Endorsed Assessor Scheme

These pages about the IAM`s Endorsed Assessor (EA) Scheme provide information to those that may be interested in the scheme.

If you would like to find out about the basics of the scheme, then select "About the Endorsed Assessor Scheme" to understand:-

  1. What are conformity assessments, Gap analysis and Certification of management systems?
  2. What does the EA scheme seek to achieve and why did the IAM set it up?
  3. Why will the EA scheme continue after national schemes are set up for accrediting certification bodies to issue ISO550001 certificates.

If you are part of an organisation which is thinking of appointing a third party to assess your management system against ISO550001, or PAS55 then select "Find an Endorsed Assessor" to understand:-

  1. What the scheme requires of EAs and how will the assurances it provides benefit your organisation?
  2. How you can find an EA that could meet your needs, in a part of the world that you operate in.

If you are interested in becoming an EA, to assess organisation`s management systems against ISO55001 or PAS55 then select "Apply to become an Endorsed Assessor" to understand:- 

  1. The benefits of becoming an Endorsed Assessor.
  2. The process for applying to become an Endorsed Assessor.
  3. The competences and capabilities that you will need to demonstrate in order to become successful.

Within each of the above sections there are documents that you are able to download, in order to understand the scheme and its requirements. including a number of Frequently Asked Questions.



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