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Recommended Reading

The Institute has established a category of Recommended for books and other publications that may be of interest.  These may include material for either expert Asset Managers or beginners. 

In most cases the IAM will have had no part in the content of these publications until approached for our endorsement.  Recommended books will have been subjected to a high-level but formal peer review procedure but do not necessarily reflect the official views of the IAM.
(Official IAM Publications will have our full style and logo.)

Can you suggest a book that deserves 'Recommendation

If you have not yet published a book and would like to include our Recommended mark we would also appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a Foreword. 

We are especially keen to offer discount or other benefits to Members - whether or not we are able to distribute them we may promote them by providing hyperlinks. 

If you would like us to consider a book you think other Members might like to read, please let us know. 

Books in date order sequence of Recommendation

We are happy to 'recommend' three very different books initially.

International Case Studies in Asset Management  
Edited by Chris Lloyd, published by ICE Publishing, 2012

Asset management - Whole-life management of physical assets
Edited by Chris Lloyd, published by Thomas Telford, London,February 2010

Strategic Asset Management: The Quest For Utility Excellence
Author Clive Deadman, published by Troubador Publishing, March 2010 

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