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The 1st European Congress on Asset Management

27 March 2012
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium


About the congress


This event will offer a thorough examination of the latest asset management methods and techniques from some of Europe's most prominent organisations. Delegates will learn how to improve and implement successful asset management, allowing them to demonstrate an ability to manage business critical assets resulting in increased asset performance, lower costs and risks and interoperability. By learning from, engaging with and considering case studies outside of just one specific industry sector and beyond the borders of your country of operation there is a real potential to forge new working relationships/ business opportunities and work towards a low cost, low risk, efficient common approach to asset management.

Who should attend

The congress will appeal to all those involved in the acquisition, operation and care of physical assets – especially those involved in international and multi-national organisations. From directors of planning and asset management to global operations managers, from strategy and investment managers to operations directors, this event is an excellent opportunity to further your knowledge of asset management practices outside of your country and your specific sector therefore improving your ability to effectively asset manage through a collaborative and common approach.


08:45 Registration and refreshments.

09:30 Chairman’s welcome and introduction. 

The importance of asset management for capital intensive companies Daniël Pairon, Head of KPMG Europe LLP Asset Management Competence Centre

10:05 Professionalisation of asset management. 

The risk register as core tool for decision making and value assurance The basic 60% – how most CAPEX spend is often currently risk based The ultimate 40% – why most OPEX and AIM spend should also be risk based Pragmatic steps towards achieving 100% risk based asset management Anders Thostrup, Senior Manager - Capital Projects and Asset Management, Accenture Consulting

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 How to finance an infrastructure investment plan in an uncertain future.

Delivering value for money services within the French competitive water market What makes a good infrastructure business plan? What makes a good investor and a good customer? Out-performance can be achieved by innovative investment! A clear line of sight between strategy and deployment of investment in the ground is business critical Dr James Huntingdon, SEAMS Ltd and representative of Suez Environnement

11:55 The fundamentals of quantitative analyses.

Purpose of the quantitative maintenance analyses Relation with qualitative maintenance analyses (e.g. RCM, FMEA,…) Time span analyses Life span analyses Maintenance Effect analyses Dr. Erwin Kienegger, representative of S&G Asset Management

12:35 Networking lunch

13:35 Opportunities from a common approach to railway asset management.

Lessons learned from around the world-the costs of fragmentation Opening of the Rail Market in Europe-opportunities and threats The way ahead for cross-acceptance interoperability and standardisation Richard Lockett, Head of cross acceptance, European Rail Association

14:05 Asset management standards, ‘a truly common approach’ - ISO 55000 and PAS55.

Insights of the PAS 55 asset management standard: Purpose of the PAS 55 standard How it can help your business Beyond PAS 55 "Raising the bar” for asset management competency/capability/effectiveness Non-prescriptive standards to outline good management principles Flexibility to accommodate different organisations size, culture, drivers, capability and maturity Kris Laureys, Member of KPMG Europe LLP Asset Management Competence Centre

14:45 Afternoon refreshments

15:15 Good finance management for good asset management.

Linking asset risk to business funding / plans Role of strategic and capital planning in asset management Assessing the whole life costs of assets from first investment to end of life Prioritising investment & appropriate utilisation of funds Speaker to be confirmed 15:55 Round table discussion session

16:55 Chairman’s closing remarks

17:00 Close of congress



Individual registration
€240.00 (+ €50.40 VAT = €290.40)
€290.00 (+ €60.90 VAT = €350.90)
Student ‡ / Retired 
€150.00 (+ €31.50 VAT = €181.50)
3 for 2 registration 
€480.00 (+ €100.80 VAT = €580.00)
Non Member
€580.00 (+ €121.80 VAT = €701.80)
Please note that the VAT rate stated above is Belgian VAT @ 21%
‡ All students must have their applications endorsed by their Professor or Head of Department.






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27 March 2012
Hotel Marivaux, Brussels, Belgium

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