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IAM Qualifications

The Certificate & The Diploma

The IAM Qualifications are comprised of the IAM Certificate and the IAM Diploma, awarded by passing the IAM examinations. These qualifications are designed to promote best practice asset management concepts and practices, establish asset management career paths and make recruitment for and appointment to asset management roles more efficient and effective.

The examinations are changing - click here for information

Since the launch of the exams, the discipline has moved on. This means that we have to ensure that the IAM Qualifications move with it. We have introduced some changes into the exam content and the way the exams are run - please click the link above to find out how these changes may affect you as a Candidate.

You can click on the different images below to read more or enrol for the Certificate and the Diploma:

Read more about the
IAM Certificate

Read more about the 
IAM Diploma


Related Documents
Click here to download the Candidate Handbook, Guidance for Candidates and other relevant documents


IAM Venues, Candidates and Exams


Exams near you
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Endorsed Training and Training Providers


The IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma are not training courses, and no training is mandatory prior to the exam, although it is available from Endorsed Trainers if you feel that you need it.


 Find Endorsed Trainers
 Here you can find our list of
 IAM Endorsed Trainers 


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