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The IAM as always is committed to celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion. Our aspiration is for the whole Asset Management Community to be open and inclusive.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Statement (Approved by IAM Board, September 2020)

The IAM recognises and values the benefits of equality, diversity and inclusion. EDI brings richness and wider thinking to Asset Management and, as a professional body, we promote these benefits.

We shall remain open to all individuals without regard to: gender, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation.

We pledge our commitment to celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion: by promoting good relations between all our members; and ensuring that everything we do is accessible for everyone. Our aspiration is for the whole Asset Management community to be open and inclusive.

Equality focuses on improving outcomes for all by responding to individuals or groups differently in order to meet their needs.

Diversity recognises respect and values differences that contribute and realise potential by promoting an inclusive culture for individuals, organizations, communities and employees.

Inclusion is a sense of belonging and making all groups and individuals feel respected and valued.

This Statement is part of the IAM’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy, which ensures all of the Institute work and activities are delivered with equality, diversity and inclusion taken into account. In conjunction with other IAM policies and strategies our EDI Policy will help the IAM to realise its vision: “to be recognised as the leading, international, professional body for asset management.”


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