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Asset Management Maturity Guide

The Asset Management Maturity Scale and Guidance provides an introduction to the subject of Asset Management maturity. The document defines maturity and presents a scale ranging from Innocence to Excellence, for each of the 39 Subject within the Asset Management Landscape.


This guide is an introduction to the subject of Asset Management maturity and how it can be defined, scaled and recognised. It contains a generic maturity scale, ranging from Innocence to Excellence, along with definitive attributes and example symptoms you might expect in each of the 39 subject areas of the Asset Management Landscape.

The material in this guide is the cumulative product of several IAM studies of the subject over the last 12 years, ranging from the scale developed for the BSI PAS 55 specification to the gap analysis and conformance assessment against ISO 55001 (the Self-Assessment Methodology, SAM) and the recent Asset Management Excellence project. In all cases these have involved multi-industry collaboration projects with extensive consultation and peer review within the IAM’s diverse membership.

Nevertheless, this guidance is inevitably a ‘work in progress’. The subject of asset management and, even more so, the characteristics of adequacy or ‘best’ practice are continually evolving, through process innovations, new technology and learning. There are also widely different operational environments, constraints, cultures and opportunities in asset management, so what should be recognised as ‘competent’ or ‘excellent’ needs to consider the context of the organisation and how this changes. Such context-dependencies have been explored to an initial level in this guide, but we expect many further insights, experiences and refinements to emerge over the coming months and years.

We hope that you find this an informative and useful document – please visit The IAM Shop to purchase a copy – available in print format (digital copies available now) and includes discounts for IAM Members.

If you would like to discuss any of the content of the ‘Asset Management Maturity Scale and Guidance’ or would like to be involved with future work and developments of this project please contact us at



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