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Building Information Modelling

Ever wondered what is BIM and how it applies to me?  If you want to know how BIM helps you in effectively managing asset data and information over the life cycle of an asset, please read this joint IAM, ICES and ICE position paper which explains the relationship between BIM and Asset Management and how this can deliver significant benefits to asset owners, designers, contractors and software providers.

BIM and Asset Management Position Paper v2 pdf

Joint ICE/ IAM Application Guide on Enhancing Asset Management through BIM.

BIM is mandated by UK Government for central government funded projects from 2016, under the Government Construction Strategy. The majority of developments since this strategy was launched have focused on BIM for design and construction.

However, a core objective of the strategy is to maximise whole life value and minimise whole life costs and risks. To support this objective ICE and IAM are jointly developing an Application Guide on Enhancing Asset Management through BIM.

This short factsheet introduces the planned Application Guide; its purpose, scope and content; and seeks feedback and contributions from the target readers to ensure that the Guide meets the needs of the users.

How you can help
The working group developing the ICE-IAM Application Guide is looking for feedback and suggestions from ICE and IAM Members and others interested.
This can include:

• What are the needs of asset owners and managers in applying BIM to whole life Asset Management?

•What issues and difficulties have you faced?

•Which specific aspects do you most need the guidance on? Are there any specific questions that the Guide should seek to answer?

•Would you provide short case studies showing the application of BIM for Asset Management, identifying the issues faced, lessons learned and benefits achieved?

Please send your inputs and suggestions to Or for more information and to discuss the IAM’s position or input, please contact Navil Shetty

BIM and Asset Management Application Guide Factsheet PDF

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