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The IAM has been helping organizations understand and develop their asset management capability since 1994.  From the beginning, it was recognized that learning and applying the concepts and practices would always be a journey of progressive improvement, both for individual people and for whole organizations. In such early days, it was not clear what good asset management looked like.

The knowledge base of asset management, with the requirements for an effective management system (known as the asset management system) has developed considerably over the last 30 years.  Experience of implementing asset management across a variety of sectors and sizes of organization has accumulated lessons learned and shown what is necessary to excel.

This is, of course, still an ongoing story.  However, international collaboration, and the development of standards has given a clearer understanding of what good asset management looks like in different environments. 

However, there is increasing demand for guidance that goes beyond the minimum requirements and merely competent practices.  In particular, how to identify, recognize and define what are best practices – and how should this take account of the context of the organization, with its unique combination of assets and operating environment. 

Our latest documents describe the characteristics of good and great organizations and how such capabilities and maturity might be recognized.  The materials are also designed to help you make the business case for improving asset management in your organization.



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