The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

IAM Project Work

The IAM runs projects with the aim of developing various aspects of Asset Management. Some of these are wholly internal and some are in collaboration with external partners and co-sponsors.

To date the most prominent of these has been the development and launch of the Publically Available Specification PAS55 on Asset Management, released through BSI (BSI PAS 55:2008).  This has now been supported by our Competences Framework and Assessment Methodology to create the IAM Toolkit.

IAM Green Papers

In a number of countries, Green Papers are official consultation or discussion documents produced by Government for discussion both inside and outside Parliament or propositions put before the whole nation for discussion.  They may be followed by a white paper, an official set of proposals that is used as a vehicle for their development into law.

'Green Paper' has become a term in common usage meaning formal statements by an organization seeking external review of proposals likely to be of interest to others.  In all cases, the intent is to make available policies or thinking that is not already determined: but in the absence of better ideas or more information is proposed to be adopted.  It may be intended to stimulate debate or initiate consultation on a particular topic. A Green Paper may present a range of ideas or simply describe a draft proposition and is meant to invite interested individuals or organizations to contribute views and information.

In our case, after doing internal work on various topics, the IAM seeks to establish consensus or identify weaknesses and/or opposition (based on good or better facts or arguments) by announcing a Green Paper.  The next round of internal peer review will take into account formally the comments and input we receive.  

The output will be a finished statement of what the IAM believes is good or best practice and will refer to this open consultation.

Recently Completed Work

The launch of the IAM Toolkit in late 2008 saw the completion of that cycle of projects within the IAM. The Toolkit comprises three products; BSI PAS 55:2008, our Competences Framework and the PAS55 Assessment Methodology

The Institute is now producing a series of related Subject Specific Guidelines and preparing a Handbook and other 'how to do' material.

We are drafting a series of new pages to allow Members and others to see what work is in hand and also what work is being scoped and awaiting either volunteers or funding.

Do you have a good idea for new work?

If you would like to propose a new project or workstream for the IAM’s consideration, please download the proposal form here and forward the completed form to the IAM’s office. If this is not visible please Contact Us

The IAM is also currently scoping a new set of projects that will further expand the material on asset management accessible by its members.  A key area has the working title of 'Beyond PAS55 Compliance' and will include a maturity and good practice focus.  Assets magazine is carrying a series of three articles giving the background and context to this thinking.

We shall publish more on this once the scopes of any workstreams have been developed.

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