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Subject Specific Guidelines




The SSGs are part of a suite of documents designed to expand and enrich the description of the Asset Management discipline as summarised in “the IAM Anatomy” & the knowledge structure for Asset Management (the 'matrix' within the Asset Management Landscape).  The SSGs cover the 39 Subjects in the IAM Anatomy directly as a ‘1 to 1’, in part (where a subject is very broad), or grouped (where subjects are very closely related).

Whilst PAS55 sets down the generic principles of good practice asset management, the sector specific guidelines will provide more detailed guidance and information on how the principles of PAS55 can be implemented.  These guidelines may be either sector specific (such as rail, electricity distribution, facilities management, nuclear etc.) or functional - for example, asset information, risk management, decision support, etc.

The SSGs are not a definitive recipe for implementation – they represent what an Asset Manager should consider when creating, maintaining and improving their Asset Management System.

The SSGs are a core element within the IAM Body of Knowledge and through peer review and IAM Expert Panel assessment align fully with the IAM’s values and beliefs that relate to both the development of excellence in the asset management discipline and provision of support to those seeking that success.


We are proud to have produced the first seven documents within this series, covering 13 subjects. These are available for purchase as printed documents and as digital copies visit the IAM Shop to purchase your copy.

Thank you to all of those on the project teams who have worked on the development and production of these SSGs.




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