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ISO Project Committee 251 - Meetings


1st Meeting: Melbourne 28th February - 4th March 2011

PC251 held its first meeting in Melbourne, Australia on 28th February to 4th March 2011.  Delegates from many of the 23 countries registered as participants in the project were able to attend and there was a very positive and constructive atmosphere.   These included: Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and the USA.

The IAM is particularly pleased that after detailed examination there was a strong consensus for ensuring the new standard is not restricted only to physical assets.  There was also considerable progress on enhancing and clarifying the concepts and models and definitions for such terms as "asset", "asset management" and "asset management system".  It is too early to say how these will turn out but we are very encouraged at this stage.

Two working groups have been formed.  One will address the overview and definitions and another will address both the requirements and implementation & guidance documents.  The week was intense with the working groups forming and starting to address the work.   

PC251 also examined the timeline for the development of the three documents, in order to establish formal "target dates" for their publication.  While there was some discussion over the merits of allowing the "Application guidelines" document an extended development time (as it is dependent on the "Requirements" document being established first), it was decided that it is preferable to try and launch the three documents as a set, and so work to the same target dates for all three documents.  It was agreed to follow ISO's 3 year "default" timeline for the development of the documents (which starts from the Melbourne meeting).

PC251  examined the structure and numbering of the documents and adopted a resolution to request ISO to permit it to develop three separate standards (as opposed to a single standard in 3 Parts), with the following numbers and titles:

ISO 55000 Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology

ISO 55001 Asset management – Management systems - Requirements

ISO 55002 Asset management – Management systems - Guidelines on the application of ISO 55001

It is intended that working drafts will be available to committee members in time for a further round of commenting before our next PC251 plenary session in the autumn, which ANSI and the US Technical Advisory Group have invited us to hold in Washington DC in October.

Communiqué on the 1st meeting of ISO/PC 251 Asset management, 28Feb–4Mar11


2nd Meeting: Arlington 10th October - 14th October 2011

Having held the first ISO Meeting in the Southern Hemisphere, the second meeting was held in the Northern Hemisphere, Arlington, Virginia.

The time in between these meetings has been productive, producing the second drafts of the three standards and releasing them for review, generating over a hundred comments each in feedback.  From the comments, key issues were extracted to form part of the debate that needed high level agreement.

Key Issues:

·         The scope of the standard.

·         The Line of Sight.

·         The “Life Cycle”

·         The confusion between Terms.

·         The need to include reference to financial issues within the standard.

Using an Open Forum style session (agreed in the Monday morning plenary session), points were discussed, thought over and discussed the following day.  This gave substance to the process of review and aided the decision on how to best capture delegates response to the five key issues.

It was decided that Working Groups should be setup to look at specific areas and report back to the Forum’s final session ahead of the closing plenary.  The reports provided their conclusions (which can be seen in the official communiqué below). All additions / alterations were accepted on the whole.   

The updated versions of the standards are now ready to be circulated as formal Committee Drafts (for comments only).  Also circulating to delegates of the meeting.

After a well attended and productive four day meeting of the ISO Project Committee 251 the meetings aims were achieved.

To read the full Meeting Summary please follow the link below:

Communiqué on the 2nd meeting of ISO/PC 251 Asset management, 10th – 14th October 2011


3rd Meeting: Pretoria 6th - 10th February 2012

The third meeting of ISO/PC251 was held in Pretoria, South Africa.  As with previous meetings our numbers grew with some 58 delegates registered and attending.  Whilst there is now a core of regular participants providing continuity, around 30% of the Pretoria delegates were new to the process which represented an excellent opportunity to spread the message about asset management and asset management systems.

The task for the week was to address the comments on the previous Committee Drafts issued in November and develop new Committee Drafts for comment and ballot.  As the three draft standards have evolved we saw a 25% reduction in overall comments but with greater numbers of comments now appearing against the 55002 document as it matures.  There were some common themes in those comments and also some changes to the ISO Guide 83 text, which is the core text used in the requirements specification and is being adopted by many management system standards. 

In line with previous meetings an open forum was held to discuss the approach for addressing these common themes and changes in the standard text before breaking into working groups.  The common themes discussed included:

  • Scope of the standards
  • Definitions and their consistent use across the three standards
  • Accounting/Finance and developing this discipline to better align with emerging asset management practice
  • Structure/Alignment of the three standards
  • Risk and specifically changes to the ISO Guide 83 definition of risk
  • Design Specifications and their use in co-ordinating the three standards

It was clear to see that as the maturity of the documents evolves there is now a greater emphasis on ensuring alignment and consistency between the three standards.  It was agreed in the open forum that a Co-ordination Group would be formed to help ensure better alignment both between the documents and independently with the Design Specification for the three standards.  This Co-ordination Group was formed from members of both Working Groups and provided a valuable resource to frequently review emerging documents during the week and engage with the core working groups to provide better alignment.

The progress during the week was significant with greater information provided in the official communique.  Suffice to say it was clear that all of the delegates put in a huge amount of work during the 5 day meeting.  Our new members were welcomed into the working groups and engaged in active work whilst our more experienced members were able to spend time with the new people to help communicate our overall approach and the history of work to date. 

The aims of the meeting were achieved and resolutions passed at the end of the meeting to release our second set of Committee Drafts for both comment and ballot this time.  This is a critical phase in the development process with the next phase representing perhaps our tightest timescales to deliver.  The revised committee drafts should be released to participating countries in late February.

We are very much looking forward to the next meeting in Prague in June 2012.

To read the full Meeting Summary please follow the link below.

Communiqué on the 3rd meeting of ISO/PC 251 Asset management, 6th - 10th February 2012


4th Meeting: Prague 11th - 15th June 2012

ISO/PC 251 had held its third meeting in February 2012. Following that meeting 2nd Committee Drafts of its three standards had been released for ballot, and each had been approved by a significant majority allowing PC251 to enter the Enquiry Stage.

ISO/CD 55000.2 Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology received approximately 330 individual comments; ISO/CD 55001.2 Asset management – Management systems – Requirements received approximately 275 individual comments; and ISO/CD 55002.2 Asset management – Management systems - Guidelines on the application of ISO 55001 received approximately 430 comments. Overall this reflected a similar number of comments to those raised on the CD1 documents, however, the proportions of comments had moved from the 55001 to 55002 reflecting the increasing maturity of the Requirements document allowing greater focus on developing the Guidelines for Implementation document. This shift of comments is aligned with expectations at this stage of the development.

The primary purpose of the 4th meeting was to revise the drafts and to improve the texts to a point where they would be ready for ballot as Draft International Standards (DISs).

The Chairman, Rhys Davies, opened the meeting on the Monday by noting that attendance at the PC's meetings had grown from approximately 55 delegates at the last meeting to about 70 at this one. This included representatives from several member bodies which had recently become P-members to the PC. He was pleased to note the growing level of participation, and welcomed the new members.

To read the full Meeting Summary please follow the link below.

Communiqué on the 4th meeting of ISO/PC 251 Asset management, 11th - 15th June 2012





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