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Knowledge Centre Project

Knowledge Centre Project update

This page will be updated at regular intervals, to bring you information on how the Knowledge Centre Project is progressing.

What is the Project hoping to achieve?

The Knowledge Centre is intended to be a comprehensive repository of asset management knowledge.

There is a large amount of information on the subject of asset management embodied in published documents, and a number of papers and case studies are published each year through journals and conference proceedings. However, the available information is not sorted, indexed or generally accessible to the IAM membership.  Assembling this knowledge and making it readily accessible will be hugely beneficial in promoting the wider application of asset management.

It is envisaged that the Knowledge Centre will continue to grow over the years. As members use the Knowledge Centre and help by adding more up–to-date material the Knowledge Centre’s value will carry on increasing.

We would also welcome any volunteers who would like to help further develop the Knowledge Centre.  Volunteers do not need to be experts and we would welcome all those, expert or newcomer, who are enthusiastic about developing their understanding of Asset Management and can spare some time during their hectic working day. We will certainly make full use of your enthusiasm and any spare time that you can donate to this project!

If you would like to volunteer or provide material for the knowledge centre please don't hesitate to contact the Knowledge Centre project on

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