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Route 55: join the journey!

To get staff on board with PAS55, Northern Ireland Electricity took the idea of the “corpor...

Upgrading PAM, introducing SAM

As we rapidly approach the long-awaited publication of ISO55000/1/2, and we see interest in asset management grow at an unprecedented rate, we find ourselves immersed in a very interesting and exciting time for the discipline. A team of volunteers has been busy upgrading the IAM’s tried and trusted PAS55 Assessment Methodology. Project Director Jerry Holdsworth takes us inside the tool’s development process and previews the results.

60 seconds with Chidi Umeano

Chidi Umeano is steering Codub Consulting Ltd. into developing countries, where good asset management principles have a big difference to make.

News: Bay Bridge opens on time thanks to interim fix

A temporary fix has allowed the new east span of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge to open on schedule, despite damage that was expected to delay the opening until December 2013.

News: Meet the asset performance data hivemind

A Cloud-based service launched in June gives asset managers all over the world the opportunity to access comparative performance data on over 70,000 major machine components.

Also in this issue....

The machine stops

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is in the midst of a 20-month shutdown for maintenance. Katy Fo...

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60 seconds: Lightbulb moments

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Our job is to listen

In September, the IAM announced the appointment of Ben Ross to the brand new position of Chief Operating Of...

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Global views

To what extent is adapting to ISO55000 disrupting asset management activities already in progress?...


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Street-smart asset management

Using the recently-published publicly available specification for smart cities and communities, Michael Smi...

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Taking the long road

Birmingham City Council is one of many transport infrastructure asset owners turning to the private sector ...

19 December 2014

The process of separation

Recognising its lack of internal expertise, a Dutch chemical industrial park has outsourced its asset manag...

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