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Are you new to Asset Management and want to find out more?

NxtGen provides a forum to learn, share and network.

NxtGen is the IAM's community for people who are new to asset management - students, graduates, people starting out their asset management career, professionals from other disciplines and anyone wishing to learn more about the subject, share their experience and meet others in the industry.

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Get involved...

We run regular events throughout the UK and beyond. It's our aspiration that wherever there is an established Chapter you will be able to find a NxtGen event including:

  • Talks from the top - engaging talks or panel discussions featuring experienced asset management speakers, enabling you to discover what is happening in the world of asset management.
  • Socials - informal social meets, providing a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Many of these talks are recorded and available to view in the 'previous events' section.



Interested in supporting us by hosting a Talk from the Top event? Or have any other queries? Get in touch via

If you are a business or university and you would like us to come and talk to you about all the things NxtGen and Asset Management then we would be delighted. Get in touch via

Check out NxtGenPlus - a range of services specifically designed for individuals committed to developing their asset management careers.


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