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Register of Expertise (RoE)

Registering your experience and knowledge into the Register of Expertise is a very simple, 2-stage process to harness the great body of knowledge and experience within the Institute and to target the right skills onto a growing list of initiatives, development projects, peer-review and authoritative commenting requirements.

To get started please, read the following guidance notes.

Guidance notes

You can then begin to fill out your "Profile" by selecting it from the menu on the left hand side.

How will my profile be used?

A growing number of IAM initiatives and developments, plus a wide range of new material emerging around the world (some needing review and IAM comment), mean that your expertise is likely to be very valuable.    The potential involvements and contributions include:

Peer Review

Conference Presentations

Knowledge Centre subject leadership

Sector Specific Guidance or Comment

Subject Specific Guidelines

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