IAM Qualifications: From Strength to Strength

Since the new syllabus was introduced in October 2015, IAM Qualifications have grown considerably. Over 2000 candidates have sat a qualification across 6 continents and 20 countries, with over 200 IAM approved examination venues.

IAM Qualifications: A growing recognition of the discipline

The success of the qualifications is a measure of the appeal and relevance of asset management as a discipline, not to mention the importance of having a recognised qualification. The IAM is extremely pleased to be a driving force in raising the awareness and importance of full asset management methodology.

As well as running in-house company exam sessions at various corporate venues, the IAM has run over 25 public examination sessions, a number that grows every month.

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If you are unable to find an exam venue near you please contact Exams@theIAM.org and we will do our best to try to arrange one.

To book a public examination session please go to https://exams.theiam.org.