Read the IAM Annual Report and Strategic Plan

At our 2017 Annual Conference, held on 26-28 June, we released the IAM Annual Report and Strategic Plan. These documents are now available for everyone to access.

IAM Annual Report 2016

The Annual Report keeps you up-to-date on our latest activities. You can read an introduction from Director of AMCL and 2016 IAM President, Richard Edwards, who takes us through the Institute’s major successes over the past year.

A key success for professional development has been the IAM Professional Development Framework. Head of the IAM Professional Development and Qualifications (PDQ) Task Force, Chris Lloyd, takes us through the journey to developing the Framework.

In the Report, you will also find detailed information about the IAM governance and operation, as well as our international growth and plans for the future.

Annual Report 2016

IAM Strategic Plan 2017-20

The IAM is pleased to publish its third Strategic Plan, in which we set out an ambitious programme of activities which will support members on their individual and corporate journeys.

In the Strategic Plan, readers can learn about what the IAM has achieved from the previous Plan, as well as finding out what’s in store for the next few years. Find out about our Royal Charter Project and how our work developing IAM Qualifications fits in. Alongside broader aspirations, we cover specific measures and targets for the Institute.

Download the IAM Strategic Plan 2017-20