Stephen Morris Presents First IAM President's Award

The first President's Award was presented to Derrick Dunkley at the Annual Dinner by the IAM President, Stephen Morris. Mr Dunkley’s award was for exceptional service as Technical Secretary to IAM Patrons Group.

We also want to draw attention to Derrick's employer, National Grid. As one of our longest standing Patrons (being a Founding Patron in 2000), National Grid has contributed generously and significantly to the current success of the Institute.

Derrick Dunkley (left) receiving the President's Award from Stephen Morris (IAM President) on the 27th November 2012.

The citation reads: 

"In addition to diligent administration of the Group and meetings, Derrick developed the technical aspects of the role. In particular, he took a lead role for four years in influencing the technical programme and ensured that contributors were identified to support each workshop. In short, he became indispensable to the Group and particularly to the Chair of the Patrons Group. The Board and Patrons of the IAM are very grateful to Derrick for his significant contribution to the development of the Patrons Group."