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June 2011

We're making the final preparations for our Members Conference in Warwick and we're excited that delegates are travelling so far to join us, currently including: Africa, Australia, Canada, Japan, Europe, USA and, of course, the UK.

The new Knowledge Centre will be on display for any feedback prior to making it live next month.  We are very grateful to Victoria Stuart, who has volunteered to lead this project.


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Knowledge Centre

We are delighted that the new IAM (wiki-based) Knowledge Centre will be on preview at Warwick.  Victoria Stuart will be glad to have any feedback so that we can make final adjustments before it goes live in July.  We are very aware that the contents are just a beginning - but a strong beginning.  We are most grateful for GHD and AMCL for donating so much material.

It is integrated with the website, so that you will not need to log-in separately and search works across the whole site.  It is intended to be very much a place for intelligent and constructive debate.  

Most of it will remain Members-Only access but we shall adjust this with experience. You need to log-in, therefore, to browse or contribute. We shall be providing a short User Guide - but it uses MediaWiki (the same engine driving Wikipedia) so most people will be familiar with it.

AGM 2011

Don't forget that the 2011 Annual General Meeting takes place on Monday 21st June during the Members Conference.  

Voting Members are welcome to attend even if not attending the Conference.

If you are a Voting Member (Fellow or Member) and wish to vote but are not able to attend, please download and register a Form of Proxy.

Members Conference - LAST CALL!

It is very encouraging that we have at least as many attending as last year - and we thank you for your continuing support, even during a recession.  It should be an excellent networking opportunity as well as a varied programme.  Download the detailed Programme if you want to know about the workshops

The Wednesday Workshop on Qualifications has more attendees than we expected too and this area is becoming one of our top priorities.

There is just time to squeeze in a late booking if you want to be with us!

New Endorsed Assessors

We welcome Stratum Consulting Partners and Parsons Brinckerhoff, who were successful in their application for Endorsed Assessors and were appointed recently.  If you wish to apply for this appointment you may do so at any time.

Between them our Endorsed Trainers and Endorsed Assessors offer services throughout most of the world and we encourage you to contact them.

Maintworld - new issue

Maintworld magazine Issue 2 of 2011 is now available.  

Please let us know if you want a printed copy.  It may be viewed on the web as usual.

and finally...

You will have seen various reports of our Strategy Review over the last year or so. The detailed plans will be drafted over the summer.

Your elected Council representatives will be present during the Members Conference to hear any strong views you have about the direction the IAM and its services should take.  If you cannot be there, feel free to email them.

I look forward to seeing many of you next week.  Do introduce yourselves if you wish - I'd like to talk to you :-)  


David McKeown
Chief Executive 

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Knowledge Centre
AGM 2011
Members Conference - LAST CALL!
New Endorsed Assessors
Maintworld - new issue
and finally...

Knowledge Centre - Preview at Warwick

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