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Download the Competences Framework

Everyone is welcome to download the IAM's Competences Framework after logging in  (register as an Affiliate - free of charge).  The reason we ask you to register as Affiliates and identify yourself is so that we may send you corrections and updates.  We also ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions for the use of this Intellectual Property (in effect a free 'licence').

The downloads are listed below.  Note that they may be downloaded as PDFs if you wish to print or display them.  They are also available in MS WORD to assist you in using parts of them or incorporating them in your own documents - but please acknowledge the source and identify them.

The IAM Competences Framework has been updated and is now available as a download. The new 2014 version shares the same structure as the previous version published in 2012.  Some minor changes have been made to reflect feedback from users.  It has also been aligned with the 39 subjects which feature in the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape 2.  

The Framework is consistent with the requirements of BSI PAS 55:2008 and the requirements of ISO 55001.  The IAM Certificate and Diploma qualifications are based on the 2014 Framework, as are the learning objectives of the IAM Endorsed A1-B6 short courses.  The Framework comes in two volumes: Vol 1 lists a complete suite of competence requirements and an indication of the knowledge needed to meet them; and, Vol 2 gives guidance on how to use the Framework and how to customise it to an individual organisation. 



File Type Start download
CF Part 1 (Word) Download here
CF Part 2 (Word) Download here
CF Part 1 (PDF) Download here
CF Part 2 (PDF) Download here


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Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions are straightforward and allow you to use this material as long as you acknowledge the source and do not try to exploit it for commercial gain directly.

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