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Using the Competences Framework

Customising the Framework

The 2008 Framework is generic. It describes what people working in asset management should be able to do and indicates what they ought to know and understand but it does not define how well they should be able to perform or how this should be judged.

To adapt the Framework to your or your organisation’s specific needs you will need to decide which of the Units are applicable, and to what depth, to various roles within your business. In addition Performance Criteria will need to be developed for each Element and the Knowledge and Understanding Requirements will need to be tailored.

Using the Framework

Once the Framework has been customised to your needs you can use it in a number of ways, including:

  • Writing or reviewing job descriptions
  • Planning recruitment
  • Defining selection criteria
  • Identifying individual learning and development needs
  • Managing individual and team performance
  • Career planning
  • Performance review

The IAM has developed specific guidance on how to customise and use the Framework. This information is contained with the Competence Framework – Part 2 'Guidance'. Both Parts of the Competences Framework are available for download free from this site. Read more

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