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Apply to become an Endorsed Assessor

If you are interested in becoming an Endorsed Assessor (EA) to assess organisations’ management systems against ISO 55001 or PAS 55, this page (and the documents you can download from it) will help you to understand:  

   The benefits of becoming an Endorsed Assessor
   The process for applying
   The competences and capabilities you will need to demonstrate, and assurances you
will need to provide, if your application is to be successful

The IAM’s EA scheme was established in 2010 with the purpose of assisting any potential Client to find and access suitable and reputable assessment providers that could deliver relevant, good quality asset management assessments using knowledgeable assessors. Prospective clients seeking asset management assessment services can search for EAs on the IAM’s Directory of Services.

EAs can be endorsed for assessing conformity to ISO 55001 and/or PAS 55 for gap analysis and/or certification.  The IAM assesses applicants against the requirements of the EA scheme and, if they are successful, appoints them to the status of Endorsed Assessor for a (renewable) period of three years.
It is important that you understand the requirements of the scheme before you submit your application. As well as completing the application form, please ensure you have read the other documents available in the window ‘Related Documents’ on this webpage. These documents identify the evidence and assurances the IAM will require you to provide if your application is to be successful.

Applications are only accepted from organisations that are already Members of the IAM - apply first if you intend to apply to become an Endorsed Assessor. The fees for the EA scheme are identified in paragraphs 25-29 of the document ‘Endorsed Assessor Scheme’.
Depending on the number of applicants, the time for processing your application may vary. We shall agree with you the timescales for this work on receipt of your application.

Please click on the image for a flowchart which provides an overview of the EA application process.


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