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Apply to become an Endorsed Assessor

The IAM seeks to promote and support the adoption of asset management good practices and in particular the development of asset management systems compliant with the requirements of BSI PAS 55:2008.  Accordingly, the IAM wishes to encourage suitable Assessors to deliver assessments based on the requirements it has identified and with reference to the PAS55 Assessment Methodology.

We recognise that assessments may be carried either for the purpose of gap analysis (and possibly consultancy) and also to enable formal 3rd party certification of compliance. Both of these activities are covered by this Scheme.

The IAM Endorsed Assessor Scheme is designed to assist all potential Clients to find and access suitable and reputable assessment providers that can and do deliver relevant assessment in the field of asset management using knowledgeable instructors.

The IAM selects applicants that meet our requirements and appoints them to the status of Endorsed Assessor for a (renewable) period of three years.  The first appointments were announced in August 2010.

The Scheme details are set out in relevant documents (see right hand column)

Invitation to Apply

You are invited to apply for appointment under the terms of our Endorsed Assessor Scheme but please read all of the documents and ensure that you can provide the necessary evidence and assurances and statements we require.

Depending on the number of applicants, the time for processing your application may vary. We shall agree with you the timescales for this work on receipt of your application.

Applications are accepted only from current Members of the IAM - apply first if you intend to become an Endorsed Assessor


Q. Independence & Objectivity


A.  The IAM makes appointments to Endorsed status on objective grounds.  We take no reward or commission of any kind and clients are free to use suppliers whether or not they are Endorsed.  The costs of administering the Schemes are explicitly set out in the Scheme documents.  Suppliers are required to be Members of the IAM in order to be subject to our Code of Conduct.

Q. Individuals


A.  The IAM does not wish to curtail the availability of experience and expertise to clients that may be on offer from Individual Members (as opposed to Corporate Members). Obviously this imposes constraints and such Individuals need to make clear what services they offer and how they can respect the Scheme requirements when applying.  (See also Pricing)

Q. Pricing


A.  We are considering allowing a discount for exceptional cases.  These might include EAs who wish to hold this appointment but carry out fewer than six assessments each year.  Individuals who wish to be Endorsed may fall into the same category.  Please write to the CEO if you wish to make your case.

Q. Gap Analysis or Certification


A.  We recognise that assessments may be carried either for the purpose of gap analysis (and possibly consultancy) and also to enable formal third party certification of compliance.  Both of these activities are covered by this Scheme.  The organisations listed are endorsed both for certification and/or gap analysis purposes.  (The scope of a gap analysis visit may be smaller than the organisation that may be certified and this is described in the Scheme documentation.)

Q. Will the IAM consider our application now?


A.  We take applicants at any time. 

(The first applicants to the Scheme were all grouped together for Phase 1.)

Q. How long does the application process take?


A.  The application will normally take between 4 to 8 weeks, possibly less.

Q. What evidence should I provide to support our application?


A.  The IAM wants to encourage good assessment rather than put up unnecessary barriers and will be flexible in the evidence it needs.  PLEASE READ ALL THE DOCUMENTS BEFORE ASKING FOR CLARIFICATION!  The Schedule of Requirements and the Code of Practice set out what is needed to be an Endorsed Assessor.  

Q. What guidance is there for completing an Application Form?


A.  When completing your application, it is useful keep in mind the following points.

The IAM Endorsed Assessor Scheme is designed to ensure:

-  A good quality assessment process

-  Competent assessors, and

-  Equality of standards across all the Endorsed Assessors


Individual Assessors should have:

-  personal knowledge of BSI PAS 55 2008

-  personal knowledge of applying asset management

-  verifiable competence in audit and assessment processes

-  sufficient asset management knowledge to understand and interpret PAS 55 -  requirements in the relevant industry context


The Endorsed Assessor Company should have:

-  a clear procedure to manage the requirements of the Scheme for all assessments

-  a specific assessment methodology: either the IAM’s own PAS55 Assessment methodology (PAM) or another

-  if PAM is not used a documented process for ensuring that the methodology used is at least as good and the certification standard equivalent


Q. What does 5 years of senior asset management related experience mean in practice?


A.  We are not prescriptive about the exact details but do need to have sufficient background to know that assessors really understand PAS55 and asset management more widely.  They should have held real decision making roles in asset management for a number of years where they have managed, or been significantly involved in decisions for, most aspects covered by PAS55.

The IAM will need to see a register of your proposed assessors, listing relevant experience, qualifications and training.  We might ask to see evidence supporting the details for some of the individuals but we will ask if we need that.  


Q. How can an EA meet the obligation to have provided EA services at least one occasion in the last one year if it is not yet an EA at the time of application?


A. This only applies after you are appointed.

(The Code of Practice Clause 3 says: “The Endorsed Assessor has provided EA Services in its capacity as an Endorsed Assessor on at least one occasion in the preceding consecutive 12 months.”)


Q. What Training is provided by the IAM?


A.  The training mentioned in the EA Scheme documentation is familiarisation training on the operation of our Scheme and not training on PAS55 assessment.  (You need to arrange your own training/ development for asset management, assessment and PAS55 – this can be internal or external courses, workshops, or on-the-job training.)

Q. How long does familiarisation training last?


A.  The familiarisation training takes about three hours and we can do it by webinar (online / telephone conference).

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