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About the Endorsed Training Scheme (ETS)


Endorsed Training Scheme
The IAM ETS is designed to assist potential clients to find suitable and reputable training providers that deliver relevant training using knowledgeable instructors. Our scheme is designed to be transparent and open to all, with requirements for entry that are intended to be reasonable and appropriate. The full details are set out in relevant documents (see right hand column).

The IAM 'endorses' suitable training providers. On appointment they are known as Endorsed Trainers or ETPs. There is no limit on the number of ETPs either in a given territory or overall: any applicant that can meet our requirements will be entitled to be endorsed.

ETPs may be endorsed for one or more of the endorsed courses covered by this Scheme, including courses for the IAM Diploma and Certificate.  Please make sure that any ETP you select has the correct scope of Endorsement to cover your requirements.  The scope is clearly listed in our Directory and every Endorsed Trainer should also make this clear. 

ETPs are granted the right to issue training certificates endorsed by the IAM to individuals who successfully complete their endorsed courses. These certificates are not to be confused with those that the IAM issues to candidates who are successful in the IAM examinations for the Certificate or Diploma Asset Management.

Endorsed Courses

The IAM has defined training requirements for a programme of 8 short courses. You can download the ETS Schedule of Courses which shows the training requirements for each course. The courses are grouped into 2 sets:

(A) Asset Management Principles and Policy
This comprises two introductory courses. One is for Directors and Senior Managers (covering key asset management policy challenges and approaches) and the other is a foundation course for new entrants to Asset Management teams (the benefits of Asset Management).

(B) Implementing Asset Management Systems
This comprises 6 courses which are designed to develop specific knowledge and understanding relating to the requirements of the IAM Competences Framework.

Each ETP is free to choose how many of these courses they deliver and in what form. Some have chosen to deliver composite courses covering all or combinations of the list above.

Quality & Code of Practice

ETPs are ‘Endorsed’ ONLY for the specific courses listed by the IAM. ETPs should be not claim a general IAM endorsement covering services or products not related to this Endorsed Trainer scheme.
ETPs have to be Members of the IAM and are subject to our Code of Conduct and Code of Practice. These Codes are intended to ensure that ETPs are reputable, will consistently provide appropriate high quality training and will deliver minimum standards of service. The IAM relies primarily on self-certification with the right to visit or otherwise verify any aspect of ETP delivery.

Contacting an Endorsed Trainer

The IAM will forward enquiries for training to ETPs to supplement the results of their own marketing efforts. However, the easiest way to find an Endorsed Trainer is to search our Directory of Services. 

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