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Apply to become an Endorsed Trainer

Invitation to Apply

The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) wishes to appoint suitable training providers to deliver courses.  These are based on identified training requirements related to the current version of the IAM Competences Framework and complementing the requirements of BSI PAS 55:2008.

The IAM will select applicants that meet our requirements and appoint them to the status of Endorsed Trainer for a (renewable) period of three years.

On appointment they are known as Endorsed Trainers or ETP (Endorsed Training Providers).  There is no limit on the number of ETP either in a given territory or overall: any applicant that can meet our requirements will be entitled to endorsement.

ETP are granted the right to issue training certificates endorsed by the IAM to individuals who successfully complete the courses. It is intended that these training certificates may be presented to support applications for individual membership of the IAM (or for similar purposes elsewhere). They may also grant the holder exemption from accredited qualifications, which are currently under development (based on the IAM Competence Framework).

The IAM will promote the availability of Endorsed Training and we will forward enquiries for training to ETP to supplement the results of their own marketing efforts. Endorsed Training Providers are entitled to use IAM branding subject to agreeing terms and conditions of use.

The IAM invites you to consider becoming an ETP.

The Endorsed Training Scheme first launched in October 2009 and the first appointments were announced in February 2010. The Scheme is now open for applications at any time.  Depending on the volume of work, the time taken to process applications may vary and this will be agreed with applicants on receipt of their completed applications.

Training providers approved for ETP status will be required to become Individual or Corporate Members of the IAM, as appropriate, if they are not Members at the time of submitting their application.

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'Volume' means the number of modules included whether within 8 courses or a single course. So a course covering modules B1-B6 incl would cost £1,000 Application Fee (one-off), £500 on appointment and annually, £50 for each composite pass certificate issued (per candidate). Whereas a course covering module A2 only would cost £500 Application Fee (one-off), £100 on appointment and annually, £10 for each pass certificate issued (per candidate).

"Remit" - as used in Clause 26 of Scheme Document

In Methodology, Clause b says "How you do you propose to meet the requirements set out in the remits?" This should be interpreted as Course Requirements or Schedule of Courses.

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