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The Certificate (from 11 July 2015)

The IAM Qualifications are designed to recognise an individual’s knowledge and understanding of asset management. The IAM Certificate is awarded to those who successfully pass the Principles of Asset Management examination.

Please note that the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma are NOT training courses. 

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The IAM Certificate

COST: £130 (£110 for paying members)

DOWNLOAD the related documents, such as the Candidate Handbook and the Guidance for Candidates.

ENROL for the IAM Certificate

The IAM Certificate is concerned with the fundamental principles of asset management. As a qualification, it is more relevant for people who are new to asset management, have some initial experience of working in an asset management role, or who might have worked in asset management for a while and wish to embark on discipline relevant qualifications.

It is anticipated that achieving the standard required for the award of a Certificate involves approx. 150 hours of study, as well as passing the Principles of Asset Management examination. The time requirements will depend on personal circumstances and the candidate’s prior knowledge and experience.

IAM Certificate exams are set by the IAM Examinations Board and are 2-hour examinations comprising 60 questions, delivered online in the form of multiple choice questions at IAM exam venues.

The Principles of Asset Management examination consists of the following five compulsory modules:

  • The Principles of Asset Management (20 questions)
  • Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Planning (10 questions)
  • Managing Asset Life Cycle Decisions and Activities (10 questions)
  • Assessing and Managing Asset Management Risks (10 questions)
  • The Financial and Business Impact of Asset Management (10 questions)


For the award of the Certificate, candidates must cover the requirements of ALL 5 Mandatory Modules.

The Principles of Asset Management examination will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Achieving a minimum 65% pass mark across all five compulsory modules.
  • A minimum pass mark of 50% in each of the five compulsory modules.


Although the IAM Certificate is intended to stand alone, it is designed as part of a progression route to the IAM Diploma, which deals with a wider range of topics in greater depth.

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