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It is important that individuals understand the syllabus of the examination they are to sit. The document ‘Guidance for Candidates’ contains this information, detailing the topics covered in each examination module.  Reviewing this information will enable candidates to evaluate the gaps in their knowledge.

Candidates will also need to determine whether they can bridge the gaps in their knowledge through self-study and/or participating in formal training courses. Suitable training may be available from trainers within their own company, but for many candidates it will be necessary to arrange training with an external, commercial training organisation.

Training in aspects of asset management is now offered by many organisations. It is for a candidate, perhaps in conjunction with their employer, to determine which training course will best address the gaps in their asset management knowledge.

Please note that the IAM does not deliver asset management training courses.

The IAM does, however, have a scheme for Endorsed Training Providers (ETPs). These deliver training for various aspects of asset management.

A sub-set of the ETPs are endorsed for delivering training that is aligned to, and covers the full syllabus of one, or both, of the IAM examinations. These ETPs will be able to offer guidance and advice on what training may be necessary.  They can be found by searching on the IAM’s Directory of Services via this link:

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