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Qualifications Governance

IAM Examinations Board and Committee

The IAM Examinations Board is responsible for assessing exams and awarding the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma. It is also responsible for quality assurance of the IAM Qualifications, including identity verification of those claiming to possess the qualifications.

The IAM Examinations Committee are made up of domain experts called Examiners, who write, review and agree the inclusion or removal of examination questions.

Futher information:

Read more about the IAM Examinations Board 

IAM Examinations Board regulations

If you are interested in getting involved in the organisation and management of the IAM examinations, please contact us.


Verifying an IAM Qualification

IAM Qualifications are valuable and significant achievements and employers increasingly look for these on the CVs of prospective employees. Please click here to find out how you can visually check that a printed certificate is genuine, or contact the IAM in order to confirm that an IAM Qualficiation has been awarded.


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