The professional body for whole life management of physical assets

Qualifications Overview


Achieving an IAM qualification enables you to be the best you can be as an asset manager - gaining professional recognition, increased insight and improved job prospects!

Since the new syllabus was introduced in October 2015, over 2000 candidates have sat an IAM qualification across 6 continents and 20 countries, at over 200 Approved Examination Venues. This is a measure of the appeal and relevance of asset management and understanding of the importance of having a recognised and relevant qualification. The IAM are extremely pleased to be a driving force in raising the awareness and importance of full asset management methodology. 

The IAM qualifications are designed to promote good asset management concepts and practices, establish career paths and make recruitment and appointment to asset management roles more efficient and effective.

Whether you are new to asset management or have initial, specialist or management experience, our qualifications will help you to develop as an individual and a professional, and give you formal recognition for your asset management knowledge and understanding.

Benefits for employees:
- evidence of your knowledge and understanding of asset management as measured against recognised national and international standards
- qualifications that are directly related to the requirements of the workplace
- professional development progression (at any stage)


Benefits for employers:
- a means to evaluate and certify your workforce’s knowledge, understanding and experience of asset management
- an opportunity to evaluate individual training needs and structure provision training
- a way to assess the development of staff recruitment, career progression and promotion


The IAM offers two asset management qualifications:

The IAM Certificate The IAM Diploma

This is an introductory qualification, aimed at people who are new to asset management (or who have some initial experience). 


A more advanced qualification, this is aimed at people with prior asset management knowledge and experience, typically working in or preparing for specialist or management roles. 



Training courses
The IAM provides a list of endorsed training schemes which follow the syllabuses for the qualifications, to be arranged as candidates or their employers consider necessary. (The IAM qualifications are not training courses and training is not a prerequisite for taking the exams.) 


As well as running in-house company exam sessions, we have run over 25 public exams with new sessions being added all the time. If you are unable to find an exam near you, or you know of a suitable venue in your area, please contact and we will do our best to arrange an exam near you. You can view the list of public exams and book a session here.

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